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Ensure that I am sufficiently caffeinated, thus enabling me to stay alert to all of the action occurring on the ground here in Israel*Palestine. I will in turn ensure that you stay alert, via regular e-mail digests that I send to supporters.

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Ensure that I am well-fed, so that I have the energy to chase down leads and to capture elusive shots. I will in turn ensure that you are fed with a regular stream of updates on my work as I produce it.

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Ensure that I have travel money to go out into the field where the action is happening, to bring you the facts from the original sources. You also earn yourself a ticket to come along for the ride: accompany me on one of my information-gathering expeditions. 

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Ensure I have the equipment I require to document the news and produce multi-media pieces. Sit in on the brainstorming and heart-storming sessions where I suss out what stories I’ll be covering next.

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Ensure that I have plane fare to launch my next lecture tour. Also ensure that wherever you live gets to be a stop on that lecture tour.




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