is creating a VR vs. PC battle game.

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  • All previous rewards.
  • A copy of the game at launch and permanent access to Alpha updates.
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Hi, we are Roystan, Rob and Andy and we're making Davigo, a VR vs. PC battle game!

In Davigo, the VR player embodies a giant and faces off against one or more PC warriors in fast-paced, explosive combat. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist now!

Who are we?

We're three game developers who have been working in VR for the past five years. Check out our Twitter pages to see some of our previous work.

Roystan Ross @roystanhonks
Andy Bacon @playfulbacon
Robert Koch @vrarob

What's the vision?

We want Davigo to be the ultimate VR vs. PC battle game and connect players across platforms. Here are some of the big features we're working towards now:

Maps and mechanics

We're currently exploring new maps and mechanics, including armour that gets blown off piece by piece, fully destructible levels, and flammable terrain that produces smoke to obscure the giant’s vision.

Audio visual polish

The current art and sound is placeholder as we focus on gameplay. We will continue refining the audio and visuals to reach a style that is unique, polished, and compatible with all our target platforms.

Online multiplayer

We imagine dozens of warriors facing off against an ultra-powerful giant, or multiple giants battling each other. Native online multiplayer also allows us to support standalone VR headsets, which brings us to...

Oculus Quest support

We love Quest and the idea of taking Davigo on-the-go. We're currently exploring 360-degree levels that take advantage of untethered, room-scale VR. Supporting Quest would expand the audience, giving more players the opportunity to join the battle.

Mod support

Modding allows the community to help shape the game, and it’s something we're passionate about! Mods can be something as simple as adding a mustache to the giant or as extensive as player-created maps and modes.

Why Patreon?

Davigo is a passion project made in our spare time from our apartments. We are using Patreon to cover the costs of bigger, more-expensive features like networking and multi-platform support. Patreon also helps us build a community of passionate VR and PC players who help shape the game. We hope you join us on our journey to make Davigo the best game possible!


Discord benefits

You will have access to Discord benefits, including roles and access to private channels, as long as you remain a member.

Copy of the game at launch

The $25 (Riftmaker) and $100 (Davigod) tiers will receive a copy of the game at launch after their first month of support. The $5 (Bombardier) and $10 (Earthbreaker) tiers will receive a copy of the game at launch after supporting the project for a certain number of months. Once you've supported for the corresponding number of months, you will receive a copy of the game at launch regardless of whether or not you continue your membership.

Alpha builds

Over the course of development, we will be releasing alpha updates that improve the experience. This can include anything in the “vision” section, such as new maps and game mechanics.

Prototype builds

The prototype builds include behind-the-scenes, experimental features that we’re working on. These features may or may not make it into the final game, but you can play them either way! Note that these are unstable builds and may not work across all hardware.

Note: Once you have reached a pre-order (5 months at Bombardier, 3 months at Earthbreaker, or immediately for higher level) you gain permanent access to the Alpha and all future Alpha updates (as well as a copy of the game at launch!). An active subscription is required for access to the Alpha and Prototype builds. If you unsubscribe as a patron at a tier that receives builds, you will lose access to the Alpha or prototype builds, including current updates to those builds.

$5,150 - reached! per month
If by some miracle we make it here, we'll be able to quit our other jobs and work on Davigo full-time. More time = better game!
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