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New scanner
$175 per page
When the per-page pledges reach this level, I can afford to replace my current scanner, which has terrible color fidelity, with a fine-art scanner that more closely represents the actual appearance of my watercolor work.
Process videos
$225 per page
When pledges reach this level, I'll record and edit video of my watercolor process to share with patrons, and can include q&a's for folks curious about how I go about making pictures.
Full time
$450 per page
At $450/page, I will be able to dedicate the bulk of my workday to working on the comic, extending the buffer, and producing additional bonus content for both patrons and casual readers.


Hello! My name is Root and I think you are pretty cool. We should hang out!

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Hi! My name is Root.  I like to draw and paint and make friends. Let me tell you about my webcomic, The Dawn Chapel

Stories told with words and pictures

A few years ago, I gave myself the assignment to try to draw one page of comics per week, just to figure out how to tell stories visually and lay out pages. I used a domain name I'd already registered for another project, and for a few years I was getting pretty good at it!   I found that the stories I was telling were resonating with people in ways that I did not expect.  Soon I developed a method to do these comics with watercolor, a medium I'm very fond of using.

After completing a few short stories and a few one-off pages (some that have to my astonishment gone crazy viral), I decided it was time for me to try something more ambitious - to start building a world with continuity, and telling long-form, sweeping stories exploring that world.  

The Way Back

The first of these is a story centering on an opossum named Pedro, who just wants to take a nap. Pedro is a reluctant passenger on an airship that's caught between some very complicated social tensions that stretch across a vast sky filled with airborne nation-states.  You can start reading from the first page here.   

After getting only ten pages into that story, I had to suspend updates, but thanks to support from generous patrons, I'm able to move the story forward again.

How Patreon works

Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows friends of The Dawn Chapel to pledge recurring support. You determine the amount you're willing to contribute per page, and select from the list of rewards below for signing up. 

You can set a monthly cap for your pledges, and if you're supporting several projects on Patreon, all of the pledges for projects you support are charged in one lump sum.

Why are the pledges for this project set per page, instead of per month?

I don't always produce a page a week, and by pledging per page, if I don't post new material, I don't get paid. I'd feel pretty guilty if you pledged to support a month of comics and I let a week slip.

If I pledge $1/page and set my monthly cap at $1/month, do I still get all the stuff at the $1/page tier?

Yes, absolutely. I'm grateful for any support, I promise that I still think the world of you if you just want to pledge $1/month.

Where the money will go

Money earned through support for the comic is money I don't have to take time to earn with my freelance work - so bills, rent, food, student loans, life expenses.  The money also offsets the modest costs of fulfilling rewards, like the print of the month club.  And I hope to be able to improve the quality of the webcomic by investing in equipment for my workspace - such as replacing my current scanner with a high-quality fine art scanner.  You can see a comparison below of the quality of images that my scanner produces on the left, vs. the one I plan to replace it with on the right:

By becoming a patron of The Dawn Chapel, you're becoming an integral part of the creative process that makes these stories possible.
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