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Who I Am

My name is Allan Dixon, I take selfies with animals.

I post daily content to my Instagram profile and upload travel videos & behind the scenes vlogs on my Youtube channel

I've spent the last three years sharing inspirational and thought provoking imagery of wildlife and travel. Founded the Happy Quokka Monday movement in releasing fresh quokka content every Monday. Spoken at various events and taught marketing workshops. Now it's time to get all that down into videos and producing consistent content and vlogs of my journey.

What You Get.
As a Patron I want to reward you with receive exclusive bonuses unavailable to the public!

  • Participation in a monthly Instagram mention raffle in @daxon's Instagram caption!
  • Full resolution JPEGs image download each month.
  • Livestream hangout each month! Let's chat
  • Access to monthly unpublished photos and videos.
  • Access to new photos days before they go live on Instagram.
  • Extra unpublished wildlife photos, animal selfies and video! More smiles 

Why I Need Your Help.
Right now I have fallen into bit of a difficult situation. I am currently relocating across New Zealand and my van has broken down, probably beyond repair. This has somewhat stopped me in my tracks in producing content, costly on my time and finances to have the van repaired and wait. Add that and my current mindset has lead me to asking for your help.

I have currently been relying on the support of commercial brands, tourism boards, agencies and image licensing for income. But these streams of revenue are sporadic and infrequent for a number of reasons. I could of course sell out and earn money by promoting products or brands I don't believe in. But that's not me and not what I stand for.

I have now reached a tipping point where I cannot financially sustain what I create. "Hey, we love your images, can we have them for free?", "you can do our activity for free if you post a photo of it on Instagram" are what so many publishers and companies say to me. Upon realising they have to pay they don't want it.

I'm not financially sponsored by any company. I've tried to get an agent to help source me projects but non have offered up opportunities.  

The amount of time and resources I put into creating media doesn't give me the financial return to keep going. Having pitched projects to so many companies and nothing coming to life I now feel mentally burnt out. Most of my energy now goes into email and managerial chores instead of actually creating media. I don't even have time to reply to comments and messages because I feel like I need to spend more time talking to companies for the potential of funding.

Photography for me started as a hobby using my own personal funding and doing it because it felt rewarding. I made it into my full time job, but recently the managerial side of it has been getting on my nerves. Every day myself, friends and random strangers help to create photos and videos so that you (The Fans!) can view them for free. Unfortunately there isn't enough time in the day to capture and edit content that doesn't support me financially.

By giving your support through Patreon, I can continue delivering inspirational content that will promote happiness in your life. Pursue on hundreds of creative ideas I've been forced to forego because funding didn't support the time and resources put into photographing, editing and living.

So, providing your support means you get to see more content of the highest quality, while I get the creative satisfaction of being able to deliver even more amazing media on animals, travel, how-tos and community. As well branch out into educational pieces to teach you how you too can surround yourself with wildlife and spend more time doing what you love.

I'm working on a TON of amazing projects for you guys. Weekly videos so you can follow the journey on @daxons Instagram gallery or Youtube channel.

Thanks to CorridorDigital for the structure and help.

Thank you for your support and above all, thanks for reading!
$1.83 of $800 per month
For me to continue creating and posting media I need to first get out of a sticky situation. My van has broken down on the West Coast of New Zealand.

I now have two options:

  • Pay to get my van fixed, wait it out for parts and get back on the road. Funds will help repair work and living while waiting.
  • Scrap my van, buy a flight to Auckland and get a ride with my bags that airport. Funds will help the relocation.

Funds will help put me back on my feet and push me to continue wildlife and inspirational happiness projects. After I sort my 'van' situation this will cover the basic living costs of my photography and filming videos on a regular basis.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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