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Welcome to our Patreon! We are SO happy to have your support and we hope that you enjoy what this Tier has to offer you!

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Our Instagram Followers decide what topics we share each week but YOU decide the content they vote for!

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It's our goal to one day publish our books, but financially we are in no way prepared for that big spend. So we thought it would be a great idea to share our original stories here to Patreon for all of our supporters while we save the monthly donation's to publish our books in the future.
We felt this was a really amazing idea because not only are you all helping us achieve our biggest dream, we're giving you extra early access to our book's before they are published to the public! How awesome is that?

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Do you have video topic suggestions or questions you want answered? Well now you can send us your own ideas or questions that can be featured in our monthly video topic votes!

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As a personal thank you for supporting what we do, we will gives you a first name shout-out on our YT channel at the start of each month during your subscription time here on Patreon.

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You'll get daily photos & updates of our parenting life with our son and weekly videos too!

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The title says it all! Come chill with us twice a month here on Patreon!

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✖️ Bi-Weekly mini vlogs made by our System members!

Get a mini sneak-peek at our lives off of YT!
From cooking, to shopping, daily activities, to parenting! You get it from an adult System member every 2 weeks!

✖️ Pen Pals!

The title says it all! Let's be Pen Pals! You'll receive secret access to our mailing information and we will receive yours upon your subscription. We will send you the first letter and we hope we hear back from you as writing back is highly encouraged!

✖️ Exclusive Behind-the-scenes of ALL our projects! (Including the bloopers!)

We have a lot of exciting projects that we want to do and with your support we know we can achieve them all, and as a huge thank you for your support we wil give you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to all our projects from start to finish, and yes this will include hilarious bloopers!

✖️ Early access to IMPORTANT System Updates!

Whenever there's an important update with our lives, projects, and anything we release as a System Update Announcement to our YT channel YOU will be the first to know it!

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✖️ Skylar's Recipes & Cooking Tutorials

The Head Doctor of our System has a lot of healthy organic recipes that haven't been fully released to YT due to the amount of content we have already gotten planned out months in advance (we can only release so much content every month) but at this Tier level you can get full access to ALL of Skylar's recipes & Cooking Tutorials as frequently as she releases them 😁

✖️ Alternate Make-Up Tutorials

Because we can only release so much content to our channel each month, not all of what we have to offer gets released as often as we would like it to and this includes make-up tutorials made by our System member's but at this Tier you all get complete access to all of our make-up tutorials as we release them here directly!

✖️ Felony's Fitness Videos!

Skylar's wife, Felony, loves fitness & exercise just as much as Skylar loves healthy organic recipes so how amazing would it be to have access to Felony's fitness videos? Well at this Tier level you get just that!

✖️  Naomi's ASL Lessons
Felony's sister, Naomi, is deaf & wants to help others in the DID/OSDD community who have deaf alters, alters who don't speak verbally, or anything that may hinder an Alter from communicating effectively with others by teaching American Sign Language. She will be posting ASL lessons bi weekly on our Patreon. If this is something that interests you or may benefit you or your System then this is the Tier for you!

✖️ Plus ALL previous Tiers
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STICKERS! STICKERS! STICKERS! Who doesn't like Stickers?




We are a DID System creating various Projects that range from YouTube Videos, Music, Fiction Novels, Indie Animated Film Series, Independent TV Series and more! 
We want to give our supporters opportunity to join us on our journey and interact with us and our content by participating in votes on our upcoming content and more, just check out our Tiers! 
We hope that you will consider supporting us and joining our journey as we strive for ending the stigma that surrounds DID and other mental health conditions, System stability and more!
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Road To 100 For Us And For You!

On Feb 23rd, System Pride Day, we received the news confirming that we are pregnant!
This is such exciting news for us but given our current living situation, we are worried that within these next 9 months we may not have everything that our little bundle of joy will need to have the wonderful start at life that it deserves.

We are needing support to make sure that our blessing has the best start he/she can possibly have and so we ask you all if you are able please consider supporting us each month by selecting any Tier of your choice.

All of your donations will be used for getting ourselves settled into housing and preparing for the arrival of our baby!

Mental health should not have a negative impact on motherhood. Everyone can be a good mom, all mom's struggle, being a parent isn't a walk in the park but all of the struggles are worth it when bringing new life into the world.
We know our experience will not be an easy one but we will still share it all with you.

We would like to have your support through this journey we are on now.
We know no matter what that we are capable of being great parents for this little one we are growing within us right now. And we want others to know they too can be amazing parents, mothers or fathers.

Your mental health does not make you weak or incapable of being a parent. Let us prove that through each chapter of our pregnancy, birth, and more.
We hope that you all will be willing to offer us some kindness and support during this time of our life. We are going to be parents, living with a trauma caused Disorder and we want to make sure we do everything in our power to give this child a much better start at life than we had.

Your monthly donation of $5 or more all goes to our stability in paying for housing, food, transportation, and giving our little bundle of joy the start at life that it deserves.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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