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About Daystar Eld

Who are you, and why do you need my money?

Yeesh, right to the point huh?  Well, I'm Daystar Eld, aka Damon Sasi, and I don't really need your money so much as it would be a helpful way of getting higher quality content out more often. That's where Patreon comes in.

Right, about that... what's all this, then? Where am I?

Patreon is basically an ongoing Kickstarter. You choose how much money you want to pledge every month, and that gets charged to your account. You can cancel whenever you want, and set maximums on your account in case you want to make sure you don't go over a certain amount with multiple pledges. Check out this FAQ if you want to know more about Patreon.

So what would my patronage do for you?

I currently work full time to pay the bills, and have little leftover to follow my passions, like writing and game design.  While we can't buy more time directly, having more disposable income often allows us to save time (for example, by buying an economic, delicious, and nutritious Publix sub rather than cooking), which can then be used for more productive things.

Seems legit. So what exactly are you working on?

Right now my major passion projects are Pokemon: The Origin of Species, which publishes monthly, and Rationally Writing, a podcast I co-host with Alexander Wales. My other major projects include my new website, which I started thanks to Patron donations to consolidate my projects and start blogging on, and a board game I designed called Tavern Wars that's currently in the prototype testing phase.

I write a lot of other things too: original fiction, like my modern-horror/supernatural novel The Calling  (or, "How to Make People Take Vampires Seriously Again") and a fantasy novel that I'm co-writing, both for hopeful eventual publication. I may end up posting the first online, if it feels like a better fit creatively and economically.

I've also gotten paid for and continue to write articles on game design, novel and show critiques, egalitarian relationship dynamics, and rationality.

Makes sense. Now what?

Well, if any of that sounds like the kind of stuff you'd like to see more of in the world, then just pick an amount of money you'd feel comfortable contributing.

Any amount is appreciated, as both encouragement to keep doing what makes people happy, and as some minor assistance to free up time and resources to devote to such projects. Whether you decide to contribute $5 once, $2 monthly, or none at all, thanks for enjoying my work enough to get here, and I hope I can continue to honor your patronage.
$15 - reached! per month
I'd like to get my own website up and running to consolidate all my work and ease communication between myself and my readers.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 68 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 68 exclusive posts

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