DCAbridgedUniverse is creating Parody Videos


$1 /mo
You’re starting your superhero career with us, and with your support we can do great things!  You’ll have our gratitude and access to our exclusive Patreon blog where we will post updates on projec...


$5 /mo
You want to go solo and break some bones…you know, for justice.  So on top of our grudging respect, you’ll also get exclusive sneak peeks of our videos as we make them!  Watch entire scenes and cli...


$10 /mo
You’ve been accepted into the Teen Titans!  Prepare for pizza, videogames, and blorthog!  You will now have access to any exclusive art we make; plus, you can request a specialized voice clip, mess...

Team Members

$20 /mo
You’ve made it all the way to “The Team,” which means taking orders from Batman, spy missions, and the occasional teen drama!  By reaching this level, you gain everything listed above plus producer...