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About Dcm.Works

Hey, so, let's talk about art and the internet.

Art and analysis on the internet can sometimes get a bad rap. But it shouldn't. The internet is a treasure for weird, good art.

It feels amazing to discover a video of someone talking about your favourite indie film, or to discover a comprehensive breakdown of the themes of a novel you read as a kid. That's what we believe talking about art is for. Being included.

Watching video essays can sometimes feel like a chore. They can be too serious or too silly. Same with podcasts. And yet, there's plenty of great stuff out there. And we want to help make more great stuff that helps more people say "hey, I really like that thing, and now I understand it a bit more."

So that's what we do.

We make content about art, weird art, internet art, art you've forgotten about, art you haven't heard of, and everything in-between. We talk about film, novels, TV, web-series, podcasts, video games and more.

There's no gate-keeping. We talk like people, and bring our combined expertise in story-telling, game design, film & TV, and music to you in human words you can understand.

We think discussion and analysis on the internet deserves a dust off. A renovation. A fresh coat of paint.

So if that sounds good and like your kind of weird, consider joining us to go a little deeper.


Interested? Get involved in our experiment!

We view our Patreon as a subscription, not a donation. From $3 a month you gain access to our whole catalogue of exclusive content, including 60+ hours of exclusive podcasts, exclusive projects, early access to upcoming videos and more. So far we've used the funding to publish a bookuncover a conspiracy about a famous author, and deliver a weekly, high-quality podcast that talks art to you in words you can understand. It helps us do more of the stuff we love doing.

Current Patreon Only Projects:

Interface Audio Drama

Exclusive Art For Artists Post-Show

Completed Patreon Only Projects:

Road To Infinity War Podcast

Spider-Man Homecoming Video Essay

Open To Suggestion Behind The Scenes Podcast

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