Fernando Setien (digitald20 developer)

is creating dungeons and dragons tools

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About Fernando Setien (digitald20 developer)

I am developing software for dungeons and dragons, first I startad with www.digitald20.com witch it is a platform for developing interactive dnd adventures using markdown and Twine.
Also I tried to create a market for homebrew adventures and small press, this project is ended. You see that I still shell some modules until I finish the contract I did. 

Now because of COVID, I am working on http://board.digitald20.com witch is a light weight Virtual Table Top, just one click to start with no login needed.

The next thing I am doing is connecting with dndbeyond the VTT. 

I will continue working in my personal projects to play with my friends, but no more business at all. I have created this patreon, because I will love to pay all the fixed costs of my projects like web servers and google and apple licenses. 

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