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About Diana Rose

Stars & cards have been some of the most crucial tools I've used for deep self-discovery, healing, and finding expansive joy in the human experience. Used intelligently, astrology, tarot, and other such practices help us see what actually is; from there, we can make better choices, more empowered choices, choices that actually resonate with our hearts and work with our minds towards greater lived truth.

And living in truth?

That leads to reciprocally loving relationships, fulfilling work, more radiant skin (really!), a numinous yumminess within everyday life, fuel to contribute well to the wider world, and beyond.

My studies and practice are leading me towards more robust writing and a strong desire to share what I've learned over the years in more enduring ways. Through Patreon, I hope to more substantially contribute to the resources available to those who are seeking greater meaning and more profound connection within our plane of existence.

My take on tarot, astrology, and similar practices isn't about reassuring fluff and unidimensional affirmations. My approach is about digging deep, asking the hard questions, and cultivating the strength required to act from a place of genuine alignment and profound love. What I share here, on my website, and on Instagram are calls to both expansion and depth -- there are no short cuts, but the work itself is worth the effort.

It is worth noting that while there are some Patreon creators who create & post fixed content on a fixed schedule, I am not that kind of creator. Instead, I follow the waxings and wanings of inspiration, clarity, and vision -- I am more interested in creating and sharing what feels True than I am in adhering to capitalistic productivity standards. If you prefer regular, clockworklike content, this is likely not the Patreon page for you. But if you're here for the high and low tides, know that I am truly, deeply grateful -- plus, there's a decent archive of posts to keep you occupied during drier months!
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This goal is a stretch, but it would cover my living expenses in a way that would make it possible for me to devote unstressed time to my dream project: writing a book.
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