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is creating Bedtime Stories for the DD/lg Community

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Hi there! I'm Mailler, and part of my kink life involves DD/lg. Along with other aspects of that lifestyle, I enjoy reading stories. But I don't always have a little girl of my own to read to. And I realized that there are many littles out there who don't have Daddies of their own to read to them. So it's time for teamwork!

I'll be recording two short stories per month, and releasing them for free! I want everyone to be able to enjoy them. And for littles who want to show their appreciation, earn extra rewards and take part in a fun community, we have some exciting Patron-only tiers!

Did you really say free?

I sure did! New stories will be available for free for three months after release. After that, they'll go into the special Patron-only Bookcase where all patrons can check them out!

What stories will you be reading?

A big part of DD/lg is teaching respect, consent and asking permission. I want to make sure that I respect all those authors out there who worked hard on their stories, and so I won't read their stories without their consent. So for the time being I'll be reading stories that are in the public domain - things like the Grimm Brothers' fairy tales, Charles Dickens' books, and so on. 
Later down the line I may reach out to authors whose stories are still under copyright, and ask their permission to read new stories too!

How often will you be releasing new stories?

I'm aiming for two free releases each month - these will be shorter stories like fairy tales, poems, and so on. Pegasus patrons will also get one longer release each month - a chapter from a book. I want a sustainable release schedule while making sure you're not stuck listening to the same story for three months!

What's on the Discord? How do I join that?

The BSfRL Discord will be a place to chat with your fellow littles, share pictures and drawings, and have fun monthly contests!
The link to the Discord server is included in the Thank You message once you pledge. Be sure your Patreon account is connected to your Discord account! Instructions here -

Will you include other aspects of DD/lg play, or other kink areas?

For now I'm just focusing on the storytime aspect! That may grow as we get more patrons joining and building a larger community.

Can I call you Daddy?

You can call me "Mailler" or "sir"! Calling someone Daddy is a very special thing that you should share just with someone you know well! :)
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Once we hit 25 patrons, I'll set up a live storytime reading for all of the Horseys, Unicorns and Pegasi on our Discord! It will be scheduled on a weekend evening Central-US time.
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