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is creating Don't Let Me Fall: Volume 1 - GREED

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Supporter Credits and Appreciation

  • I will ensure I highlight all my supporters in a section (at the end of each book) dedicated to you.
  • If we reach as far as a TV series, I will try to conduct interviews for those who are willing so that I may add a line or two from each interview at the start or end of each episode. 😊
  • For a movie, all supporters will have their names listed in the credits

Fun Fact #1: Having my own name lost (yes, LOST) in the credits of a movie or TV show used to be my most ambitious dream. 🤷♂️

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Sneak Peeks, Line Art Sketches & Access to Polls

ALL “Blast Off” Backer benefits plus:

  • Sneak Peeks of the story so far, including comic panels, character sketches, etc.
  • I'll draw your Original Character's line art (Up to 4 sketches per month - 1 sketch for up to 4 patrons)
  • Access to Polls on character/story direction, development, etc.

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HD Kalypso Poster & Unique Sketch

ALL "Meteoroid" Member benefits plus:

  • Signed "Deceiver" painting.  - An HD poster of Kalypso with a mic in one hand and a dagger in the other. (One-time Benefit)
  • Access to a unique secondary character sketch (provided as a ".jpg" file only). +++ Note: This is a MONTHLY BENEFIT and it is POLL-BASED +++

Fun Fact #2: Each tier is named after different types of stars because... Wait, that's a spoiler! 🙊




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About Dávid Nnacheta

Hi. I am an artist seeking to do what I love for a living - create art and write stories. My goal is to write and create characters, scenes and stories for my book, "Don't Let Me Fall". It will start off with Volume 1 - "GREED".

I'm both an ESL Tutor and Graphic Designer by trade, but these drain both my physical and creative energies, making it difficult to do what I truly love. With additional sources of income, I could safely and responsibly dedicate more time to completing this first volume and move on to Volume 2 - "Origins", which is a prequel to the main story.

If you enjoy stories similar to Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics and Serenity (2005), this series may just be one worth your time. To confirm, this book will be a fictional fantasy drama.

Benefits of being a patron:
  • Exclusive access to source files, sketches, 3D models, etc.
  • Behind the scenes and my creation process.
  • Additional videos exclusive to Patreon subscribers.
  • Everything promised in each tier will be delivered. Guaranteed Promise.
If you'd like to support me but prefer to remain anonymous, I also have a Liberapay Page here: https://liberapay.com/ddnnacheta/

PS: Most updates will be posted on my Ko-fi page and YouTube channel but, all exclusive content, including those from Ko-fi, will be available here on Patreon.
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Super Sonic!

At this point I would be able to dedicate the majority (75%) of my time to this series.

To be honest, I might just allocate all my time if we reach this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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