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  • Free download of my exclusive single "Devotion" -- you can't get this song anywhere else!
  • Exclusive access to monthly video updates about what I've been working on!
  • Access to my exclusive Patron-only feed, where I'll post updates, answer questions, and talk about the inspiration and creative process behind my songs!

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Hi there!  I'm DDRKirby(ISQ) and I make awesome 9-bit chiptune music!

What exactly is "9-bit music"?  It's my signature style where I utilize chiptune sounds in combination with more modern instruments and production techniques.  Check the videos above and below for some examples!

I have an extensive collection of free and paid music available on my Bandcamp site, but some of you might know me best for my video game remixes, like my popular Lonely Rolling Star remix from Katamari Damacy:

(You might also know of me from my Link's Awakening remix in the same style, or my Bowser remix.  These are all available for free from OverClocked ReMix!)

I'm launching Patreon as a new way to show your support for me and my music, while earning some awesome exclusive rewards, including:
  • Exclusive download of my single "Devotion" - this will never be available outside of Patreon!
  • Free downloads for all of my official albums
  • Early access to unreleased tracks and WIPs
  • Monthly video updates on what I've been up to
  • Access to my Patron-only feed, where I'll answer questions, take requests for video tutorials, and talk about the inspiration and creative process behind my songs
  • Free Physical CDs (at the $2 per song level)
  • ...and more!

Feel free to pledge any amount you'd like, even just $1 per song!  I would really appreciate your support, and I'm going to do my best to give you special perks for being a fan. =)

How often will you release new songs?
My current plan is to release 1-3 songs per month, depending on my availability and inspiration.  I will of course let you know if I expect this to change.  Feel free to set your monthly limit to three times your pledge amount if you'd like.

How does pledging work?  How much should I expect to pay?
My Patreon campaign is setup to charge you per song that I create.  If you pledge $3 per song, for example, you can expect to pay $3, $6, or $9 each month depending on my output.  Feel free to set up a monthly limit to ensure that you don't go over your budget!  Charges happen on the 1st of each month.  See this helpful guide if you have any more questions about being a patron.

Can I set a monthly limit less than three times my pledge amount?
Yes!  You can still tune in and be a part of my Patreon campaign no matter what your monthly limit is.  However, you will only receive music download links for the posts that you pay for.  For example, if you pledge $3 per song and set a monthly limit of $3, then you'll only receive download links for the first song I make each month.  For any additional songs I make, you'll be able to stream them and check out my works in progress, but you won't receive any download links.

When and how will I get my song download links?
Download links will be sent via private Patreon messages to anyone who will be paying for that post.  By default you should get an e-mail notification for this as well.
I will send out a download code for my "Devotion" single as soon as you become a "verified" Patron -- in other words, once your first payment has successfully processed.  In most cases this should happen within a month or so after you first pledge.  Contact me directly if you have any questions!

What's the difference between subscribing via Patreon vs. purchasing your albums on Bandcamp?
Great question!  The first thing you should know is that if you subscribe via Patreon for any pledge amount (even just $1), you should no longer have to purchase any new albums via Bandcamp because I'll already be sending those to you for free!
Patreon is also a much better way of supporting me overall.  Many of my albums are offered on Bandcamp with either no minimum price or at extremely discounted rates.  For example, Celestial Melodies is 23 songs for only $5, and The Ecstasy of Life is 21 songs for only $2!  I do this because music is not my primary form of income, and because I care more about having my music heard than about making money.  Pledging to me on Patreon ensures that I get paid properly for my efforts as an artist.  Plus, you get free exclusive perks! :D
All that said, if you can't afford to make a pledge or are only interested in a few of my albums, I'm totally OK with you supporting me via Bandcamp instead!

If I become a patron, do I get free downloads for all of your PAST albums?
Nope, sorry!  You'll get access to all of the songs that I make from your subscription point onwards, but you'll still have to purchase my past music separately.  This is to prevent hit-and-run scammers from paying $1 for a single month and downloading all of my music. =(

Your rewards note that you "must be in good account standing to be eligible".  What does that mean?
Essentially this means you must have actually made one or more payments at the appropriate pledge level before I will consider you eligible for rewards.  Again, no scamming the system by manipulating your pledge level without actually paying for rewards!

How does the personal remix request queue work?
See this post for an explanation of that, and to see the current status of the queue!

Additional questions?
If you have any other questions about Patreon, pledging, payment, rewards, or just want to chat, please hit me up at [email protected]!
$100 - reached! per Song
Wow, $100!!!
It's incredible that we've gotten to this point and I'm not sure what to say, except thank you to all of you for supporting me and making this possible.

As a $100 milestone celebration I'll be scheduling a livestream hangout day where I'll be online, answering any questions you may have, playing some games, and just hanging out!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 164 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 164 exclusive posts

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