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The Gods are Bastards is a high fantasy serial, currently updating every Monday and, if funding goals are met, Friday, with chapters coming in an average of 4,000 words.

This does mean I spend a lot of time and effort on the story.  I have a job to pay my bills, but it does so only barely, and leaves me just enough time to keep my ambitious update schedule.  Even so, I'm left with little in the way of resources to deal with sudden problems, and have previously had to rely upon the generosity of readers to cope with such things as medical bills and auto repairs. 

While I would like to earn a living as an author, I am also very fond of the idea of content being free for readers, in the spirit of the open Internet.  Not everyone can afford to contribute to creators, and I don't believe that should bar their access to great stories and art.  I'm committed to keeping TGaB free, and keeping it running, but I need help making ends meet so I can continue to do so.  If you cannot contribute, please don't feel bad.  If you can, however, I deeply appreciate all the help my readers give me.  It really keeps me going.

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