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4-stud wide lego cars
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  • PDF digital building guides and LDD models of all my 4-studs-wide cars (new guides every week) 

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  • PDF digital building guides and LDD models of all my 5-studs-wide cars (new guides every week) 
"Auto Transporter"
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  • PDF digital building guides and LDD models of all my 4-studs-wide and 5-studs-wide cars (new guides every week) 
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About De_Marco

Welcome to De_Marco Bricks&Wheels!

Welcome and thanks for visiting my Patreon page! I am very happy share with you my passion for my hobby!

My name is Vadim but you probably know me as De_Marco. I have been into LEGO since 2010. I have been creating my own instructions and models for quite a while, and these will fit into any LEGO town perfectly.

Patreon is a platform that allows me to devote more time to my hobby thanks to your support. The more people support me, the more ideas I can share with you!

Thanks to my Patrons I'm able to purchase more new LEGO elements and build more cool models, as well as develop digital building guides of the highest quality and work on highlighting my projects on social media and in LEGO online communities. It's all thanks to your support that I'm positive that someday my hobby will become my full-time occupation with many more models for you to build!

Some of the digital PDF building guides will be available for free on Patreon, other building guides will be available for patrons or for purchase olny

On the right side of the page you can see the types of subscription. Pick a tier and enjoy the benefits of being my supporter:

- High-quality PDF instructions to all of my 4-stud and 5-stud-wide LEGO cars
- Lots of extra content
Exclusive discounts at affiliated Bricklink store
- Discounts on physical building sets of my cars

On the left are the goals I set for my Patreon Page
With each new supporter we are coming closer to unlocking the next bonus building guide. Soon, we'll introduce new types of bonus content!

Every month I assemble some 
LEGO building sets of my models for sale.
These LEGO building sets may be identical to the models published before, or have slightly different designs, or be brand new models
LEGO pieces for custom LEGO building set are
provided by Welcome! Store on Bricklink

Complete list of all of my models are available on my page. This is the easiest way to thumb through my collection, choose a vehicle to build and purchase the pieces you need to build my cars.

Sincerely yours,
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Hey there! Let's DO IT! Once we have 15 patrons onboard Every single of my patrons gets bonus building instructions for this luxurious white cabrio!

Hop in!
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