#DeadChuck is creating animated shorts.

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Member of the Undead Hoard
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The reward here is my eternal gratitude and a hearty, firm handshake when we meet! Plus, you will be able to say "I knew him when" once #DeadChuck is famous. In addition, I will add your name to the patron list on my web site (first initial and last name). I will also write your name on the wall of my studio and send you a picture — once my studio is built (saving up for that!). And lastly, I will send you an email once a month to let you know how many videos were produced and how many likes, loves and laughs we got from Facebook viewers — so you will know your support is helping generate smiles.
Rising Star Zombie Sponsor
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You'll get everything a Founding Sponsor gets, plus a #DeadChuck window cling so you can show everyone you are just as jaded and cynical as the main character!
Zombie Hoard Leader Sponsor
$10 or more per month patrons
For this substantial contribution, you will get everything mentioned above, plus a cameo background appearance in an upcoming video. Send me a pic and I will work a likeness of you into a video so you too can be famous!
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$25 or more per month patrons
For this amazingly generous level of support, you will get everything mentioned so far — but wait, there's more — plus a voice-over opportunity. That's right... I write the script, and you'll record the lines. Surely fame and fortune cannot be far behind.