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-IG dye kit and fashion options 

-IG Donor rank that will offer some discount perks 

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-IG dye kit and fashion options 

-IG Donor rank that will offer some discount perks 

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Dead Lands ERP-PVP

This is a Conan Exiles ERP-PVP server where we strive for immersive stories in a low-fantasy, lore-respecting environment.  Meaningful conflict, consent, loss, and growth are at the core of the stories and events that take place here.  Our goal is to weave stories with our player base for a unique experience. We host role play events every 1-2 weeks.

The purpose of this Patreon is to fund server hosting.  If we exceed the monthly hosting cost of $180 then it will be put in a reserve towards: 
  • Supporting the artists that do work for the reward commissions
  • Purchasing additional months (at most 2 for now) 
  • Supporting and commissioning modders that work with us
  • Obtaining DLC for admins and to hand out for contests
! Payments !
Currently it is set to donate and charge the day you become a patreon, and again then on the first of the month.  Please be aware of the time of the month. If you sign up 2 days before the end of the month, Patreon will charge you then and at the start of the next month.

Our Server:
  • Dedicated Host with high end hardware, 60 player slots and 1gb bandwidth
  • Immensely active Admins/Player Advocates and an aid-minded community 
  • 18+ Server with Adult Role play fully acceptable
  • Growing Quest Chains that reward Money, Items,and Experience!
  • Public faction hubs with full benches, and a few neutral safezones
  • No Avatars, Structure Damage Off, reduced damage for longer and more meaningful PVP fights with consent based/Grief free PvP
  • Collaborative storytelling between players and admin (We want to help you write the narrative you want!)
  • Level cap of 100. Many new kinds of weapons and gear are available. A server mod that reflects changes in the game world through items, systems, and monsters.  
  • The server, the server mod, and the community are feedback driven, so if you have a positive or negative experience, please let us know and why so that we can find ways to improve everyone's experience overall. The worst thing that can be done is to stay quiet or suffer in silence without helping the community and server a chance to improve and reduce or prevent issues.  We have many ways to involve and include the quiet people, but we still need everyone to do their part.

More to come soon!
-Terrornaut and the Deadlands Crew
$627 of $700 per month
Ability to host more regularly scheduled big events.  (This will allow me more time to plan, prep, and run events and new quests)
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