Dead Workers Party is creating Podcasts, Videos and Music

$1 /mo
Our thanks!  Seriously!!   Every penny counts!  So, thank you!!  Well, I'm not thanking you yet... not until you buy it ;)

$2 /mo
Our podcasts early - With this reward level, we will give you a link to the audio podcast each week before we release it to iTunes or on youTube!  Sometimes up to 3 days earlier!  ...

$5 /mo
Morning Coffee - Want to know what we are up to?  Almost Everyday?  Join us for Morning Coffee!  This is the show where we discuss what we'll be doing for the rest of the day, and ...

$10 /mo
Become a Villager - Join the @brentcopeland server!  See where enderfiles was created and future episodes. Possibly Witherfiles? hmm... You will not have any abilities on the serve...

$25 /mo
Assets & Raw Recordings Package - Ever wanted to see how we put together a song?  A video?  Or hell, just the thumbnail?  This is the package for you.  For the month you will g...

$40 /mo
Play with Brent! Ever wanted to play a game with us?  For this reward you can pick the game (as long as we have it, or if you want to buy it for us) for an hour, in our private Tea...

$50 /mo
Party Pack!  Think of it as the Dead Workers Party loot crate!  Each month you will get a box with a few things from our studio, and something signed by  Brent Copeland.  Whenever ...

$100 /mo
Your Song - Have you ever wanted us to sing about you, or your friend, or a relative, and not a polar bear in underwears?  Well, now here is your chance.  We will write a song abou...

$1,000 /mo
The Grand - You get it all!  You not only get all the other rewards, you also get to have your name, logo, or url added to our stream overlays for the entire month!  It will also b...