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Patrons receive access to Patron only posts and my exclusive BTS (that's behind the scenes) instagram diary @roguedanger. This is my favorite medium to connect with my patrons, friends, supporters & community alike in a rawthentic way. I often share projects, ideas and discoveries on IG before they would even make it to Patreon!

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Patrons at this tier will have access to my personal, evocative art, both self-photographed, and in collaboration, totaling no less than one brand new set a month. 📸 Transitioning from live stage to interwebs delivery is a shift I'm finding much inspiration thank you for sharing the time for me to Bare my Art with you! Patrons will also receive access to my exclusive BTS instagram diary @roguedanger. This is my favorite medium to connect with my patrons, friends, supporters & community alike in a rawthentic way.


To celebrate my Patreon launch and Witches New Year, I'm offering one instax photo print, mailed to your door with a thank you note for your support! I am so appreciative of you for helping to get me going, the least I can do is send you some keepsake art smut. 📸

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Dearest Gentlethems! 👋

At this level, patrons will receive the more Dangerous (read: NSFW) photos in my monthly sets, plus a quickie edited video! 📹 Art smut in action! Professionally filmed & edited by yours truly! I enjoy curating a distinctive divinity to my art smut...this tier is a little more finely tuned rawr!... 🔥

Patrons at this tier will also receive benefits of all previous tiers, including the instax print bonus for signing up thru November!

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Professional Catalyst. 

Conceptual Art.

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my Patreon! Hi everyone! I’m Deanna Danger, and I am a Neo-Bohemian Art Witch.

I’m creating evocative, filmatic, and photographic Art. Herein are the ways you can be a patron of the arts, from $5 a month to $50!
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Hello there potential Patrons, thanks for stopping by! Lemme tell ya a little about this project here, and my 1st goal as an independent filmmaker, photographer, and visual artist.

Transitioning from making a living performing & producing in the physical world (which is, let's face it, a very big, real question mark currently), to performing & producing for the online (& very real, hi, hello, how are you out there, glad ya came by...) world, is a shift many artists like myself are sorting out. Based on my best estimates as a solo artist & self-partnered person on my own out here in St. Louis working to survive, this is the basic income I need to live where I currently am. 

Supporting my 1st goal here on Patreon is supporting an artist making a livable wage in the world we have. 🙏  I've chosen to be open about my goals here on Patreon (just as I will in sharing personal updates w/ supporters), because I believe it is important to be open about what all goes into being a full time artist...and beginning in February, a part time student too!!! If I want to believe in a world where queer, independent artists make live-able wages, and are able to aid their communities all at the same time, I have to also believe enough to go after it and do my best to make it happen, right? (Yup, it's just as scary as it sounds, lol). That's why patronage of this project supports more than my own wellbeing.


If you've been following my social media, you've probably picked up on how often I speak on the mental health benefits of meditation. I've been taking some pre-req classes this year and listening to a lot of Dharma talks here & there with some absolutely incredible & diverse webs of support. I'm excited to share that I will begin training in a tradition & style of meditation that, as a trauma survivor, I've experienced to be enormously resonant and transformationally healing. 

I have been accepted into the prestigious, 2-Year, Mindful Meditation Teacher Certification Program w/ Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield, on scholarship. 🧠💗🌈🙏

This well-respected program is in the Vipassana (Insight) practice, and will education me on activating trauma-informed lovingkindness, community support, repair, and general mental well-being. The program is certified by both the Awareness Training Institute and the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley. I have received a partial scholarship, and am honored to represent & support inclusive diversity in the program as a non-binary, Femme, queer, sex worker, sex work + LGBTQIA+ & human rights advocate and ally. 🌈🌎🙏 My goal is to learn & work toward including embodied awareness through breathing & meditation technique, with my experience in evocative movement instruction, to then serve as a catalyst to rawthentic, interdependent, WEllbeing through artistic expression.

I will also be donating 3.33% of this project to Free From, a national organization building an ecosystem to support survivors of domestic violence in building financial security, safety, and generational healing. Networks of support are what this project is all about y'all! 💎💎💎🙏

So as the art and the work and the project here grows, thus will also the milestones, goals, and donations, because this road is all about the journey, rather than the destination. Upon reaching a consistent livable wage, I will re-evaluate, and re-invest in equipment upgrades toward media quality and accessibility (aka traveling towards new weavers & lowering the top tier pricing as the project expands)! Supporting my 1st goal is an investment in the other humans I'm honored to collaborate & learn together with & from now, and in the future. 

Thank you for your patronage of this work! 🌈🌎🕸️🙏✌️

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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