is creating Websites, Fansub, Private platforms, Foster family for cats
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Si tu es là pour mes traductions, ici tu les auras en avant-première et tu pourras proposer des projets :)

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About Mio.


This is a first for me, creating a Patreon page but i thought it would be easier this way for anyone willing to support any of my projects.

I'm a Foster Family for Cats, Web Developer, Data Hoarder and Fansubber.

I mostly make everything for fun and to let everyone enjoy its stuff easily.

Supporting cats: Whatever you give will be used to feed the cats i take care of and/or to help my animal welfare association. I'll post pictures & videos from your supported cat! Also, you will know exactly how i spend your money with updates of my purchases.

United Subs: Only for French people. Si vous souhaitez m'aider à maintenir le serveur de United Subs et aider la plateforme à se développer !

Fansub: I translate into French from English or Japanese. I might translate more projects into English in the future. Si vous souhaitez me soutenir dans mes traductions :)

AF server: You will know what i'm talking about if you're here for that. Well, it just another way to make a donation and you'll be added to the Donators role on Discord :)
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Once we hit 100$, i'll uprade AF server :)
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