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Deathblight is a multi-media project consisting of games, lewd art, and a comic- all which share a cast of incredibly sexy ladies with animal features. 

DiscordGame Dev BlogWebcomic

Deathblight RPG stars Ferania and Minori, who have come to a city plagued by demons in order to turn the tide against the malevolent horde threatening the citizens.

The game contains game over hentai scenes and hentai scenes of the characters mini-jobs. Currently the game is in Beta, however it is feature complete with additional episodic content coming in future.

The game is available for FREE, and will remain so even after it's completion. Patrons will have early access to new versions of the game ahead of time, in addition to being able to influence the direction of the game.

Operation Thunderfang features officially licensed code from the highly acclaimed hentai game "The Moral Sword of Asagi" created by Ahriman.


We also do side game projects that are entirely self-funded.
Once complete these are primarily being made available through online storefronts.
However, $20 and above Patrons are eligible to receive Early Access versions of a game before they are being made available.
(This isn't retroactively done for older games that had already been released)




The webcomic revolves around our cast as they use their powers to fight against demons in order to uphold the balance of the world. However, things don't always go as planned and sometimes our heroines find themselves in... sticky... situations.

The webcomic is currently on hold- It will be continued as a visual novel after the completion of Deathblight Guilty Raid.

You can read the existing webcomic pages on our Discord server and on Hentai Foundry.

In addition, we also create steamy art featuring all of our girls. We use these art pieces as side material, or to illustrate "what-if" scenarios.

Wolfenstahl - Team Lead, Game Design, Programming, Characters and Storyline
Crescentia Fortuna - CG Art
OverCoat - Music and Sound
Zhuan - Writing

$3,790.49 of $6,000 per month
If we reach this milestone goal, we will be able to stop using our own savings to pay the team :'D
(This is no joke!)
Also we will continue our work on the action game "Deathblight Apocalypse" (which is not the currently running Deathblight RPG!) or whatever game you guys want us to work on instead.
There will be a vote once the time has come.
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