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About Death By Mage

Hidden below the archives of the arcane sanctum, down the winding stairwell, through the cobwebbed corridors, a lonely lich resides, forgotten by time until now. It speaks of ancient proverbs, vile wisdom, and benevolent rants. It promises death for those willing to heed his words and exercise his schemes. Welcome, brave scholar, for you shall learn how one suffers death by a mage. 

Greetings and salutations! 

I am Jacky Leung, better known as Death by Mage on the Interwebs. I'm an overdramatic wizard with a flair for the fantastical. I am a best-selling freelance RPG writer and editor. I am also the Creative Writing Lead for Unbreakable Publishers, where we feature Asian Own Voices TTRPG content. I stream on Twitch about video games, RPG workshops, and even while working on freelance projects. You can also find me making appearances on various actual play streams on All Nerds HereSoulbearRPG, and DumpStatCharisma's RPG Twitch channels.

I stream on Twitch, covering my RPG design process. I go over my design philosophies about other RPG systems, how to design for them, and what it takes to become an RPG designer. But in all honesty, I'm a conversationalist. I enjoy chatting with people from all walks of life and would love to enjoy your company. Most streams will average anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours long. Make sure to follow me on Twitter to get schedule updates. I will also occasionally have a few casual streams that will serve as a sort of Talk Show while I play some video games. 

You can find me on the Internet: 

Patreon is an excellent way for me to connect with the community with my creativity, and it allows me to create games for others to enjoy. Your support will enable me to continue to freely create content that interests you and help me continue to be a freelance RPG writer. Most importantly, I want to empower others to write/sell RPG content and be better gamemasters and storytellers. 

What your Patreon support covers: 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Apps Subscriptions
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  • Commissioning artists and editors
  • Asset acquisition (artwork, licenses, research materials, templates, etc.)

No problem! I understand, money is tight for many of us. I still appreciate your support. If you cannot do a monthly subscription, you can support me on Ko-fi here. Funds placed in my Ko-fi will help fund artwork for future projects. 
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When I reach 40 patrons, I will create quarterly RPG e-zines as digital PDFs for you. Many of these will be ideas or concepts that I either wrote but never fully developed, or be indie games I've written with improvements or redesigned layouts. This reward will be given out to only Death by Fireball ($5+) tiers and above. 
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