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For no dollars a month, gain access to weekly short stories detailing the world of Death Dungeon. Stories can be read right here on Patreon or by digital download. They will be about 1-10 pages in length, and will be posted every Sunday.
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For three dollars a month, gain access to above, plus gain access to the bimonthly Heart of Grüheir series and vote on the course of the adventure.
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Gain access to everything above, plus Rouge: The Hidden, a ten-part comic series with issues published every two weeks starting in January 2018. The issues will be available here or by digital download. 
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Gain access to everything above, plus read any longer works or collections as they are available, right here or by digital download.  
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Once a month beginning in February, receive a package with Death Dungeon collectibles, including mini-figures and stickers. Get this tier before the start of the month to ensure your package. Also receive a free copy of any video games we may produce, as they are available.
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Everything above, plus receive a physical copy of the annual Death Dungeon Anthology. Every year starting at the end of 2018, we will publish a paperback version of all the weekly stories for the year. 
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 Receive a hardcover copy of all future published works, including novels, novellas, and short story collections. Also receive a printed comic book each year containing all the issues published that year.
Mold the Canon
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Everyone's the hero of their own story. Create your own original character (meeting our surprisingly lax standards), and choose a theme and setting for their adventure. We will write a short-ish story about your character that will enter the canon. You can suggest two established characters to make an appearance and we will include them if it fits the established canon. We will do this once per patron per year.
Shitty Painting
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For 25 dollars a month, our lead artist will mail you a shitty 2x2 inch canvas painting of a goblin each month. Every month will feature a different goblin. Emphasis on the word shitty. We really don't expect anyone to donate at this tier. 
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For 100 dollars a month, I will personally send you a handwritten letter each month urging you to make better decisions with your money. The Death Dungeon team has also agreed to buy you a sandwich if you ever meet us in person and prove you're a $100 donor.




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About Death Dungeon Co.

What is Death Dungeon?
Death Dungeon is a project started as a cheap knock-off of Dungeons & Dragons. Select members of the Death Dungeon Crew didn't want to learn the rules of D&D, so we created our own version with one guiding rule: Anything goes. Through short campaigns set in a shared universe, we slowly built a world of magic and intrigue populated by a unique cast of characters. Soon, arching storylines emerged, and we had a tale worth telling.

Death Dungeon is no longer a game played around the campfire- it's a sprawling story told through various mediums. Most of the written works are adapted from campaigns we have run, while other stories were written to fill in the blanks. The combined works of Death Dungeon build upon a central idea: that everyone is the hero of their own story. This is a tale not only of heroes and kings, but of ordinary people who find their own adventures. Everyone has a life worth telling about, and all stories will be told in time.

Death Dungeon is a universe that doesn't take itself too seriously. It is often absurd, sometimes dark, and always intriguing. Every character is a caricature, but at the heart of every twisted individual is a human with very real emotions and drives. We hope that as the world progresses, you find stories worth caring about.

Why Become a Patron?
The good news is, you don't have to! All content for the time being is available for free. Donating is 100% optional, and comes with no additional benefits. You've been warned. That being said, liking and commenting on posts is always appreciated.

Reading Order
Many of the short stories are not directly connected and should be decent standalone reads. However, the order of publication is recommended for the best clarity:
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On the horizon: A video game is in development! More news will be shared as a prototype finalizes
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