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is creating I Sea Me - A Memoir of Dreams, Forgiveness, Change, & Love

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Join me for a cup of coffee and enjoy blog releases of my latest adventures of living in an RV full time and writing a book.

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Have you ever pulled up to the coffee house drive thru window and the person in front of you paid for your coffee? Well I have been on both ends of that blessing many times. Therefore, I love this concept so much I decided to throw in a new tier for my followers. People have been asking me if they can make a one time contribution and of course, YES. 

If you read one of my blogs and it truly impacts you or one of your friends, let me know with comments and feedback specific to what brightened your day, made you smile, or how it helped someone else. 

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About Deb Walter

Hello it's me, Deb Walter

For nearly two decades I've had the privledge of nurturing and developing children as a teacher.
After a very successful and rewarding teaching career, I shifted gears and liquidated everything. During that process, I bought an RV named Consuela, a scooter named Pricilla, and have moved to Santa Barbara, CA to be a writer, run on the beach, and breathe in the sea mist. There is a little voice inside my heart that keeps telling me, "Deb you are the only one who can write your story. What are you waiting for? Today is Here."

After a series of three life-altering tragedies within ten years, I was utterly burned out and ready to give up on life. I decided to be brave, be bold, and take my life back. My authentic real-life story could be your neighbor, your teacher, a best friend, or your tomorrow. After scraping myself off the floor in December 2016, I realized that my life had spun completely out of balance and it was my responsibility to make the changes necessary to redirect the train. I changed my nutrition and discovered a brand new way to live in balance, harmony, and peace. By transforming my life mentally, spiritually and physically I made the decision to stop trying to fix things with and for other people that were out of my control.

What am I doing?
Supporting this project will help me to write full time and publish more online blogs with a series of weekly motivational videos. The fact that you have taken the time to look at my page is greatly appreciated and inspires me to continue working to get the story out to you through my blog, videos, and upcoming memoir - I Sea Me - A Memoir of Dreams, Grief, Forgiveness, Change, and Love. It takes a ton of time, effort, and energy to write. The fact that you appreciate reading about the lessons I share and learn, as I continue to grow through grief and loss into joy and hope is very rewarding to me. I truly enjoy receiving the comments, questions, and feedback from my coffeehouse supporters, as it reminds me of how important this work is. I am the only one who can tell the story, so I am off to the coffeehouse for an afternoon brew and pages of edits for you.   

If any of this resonates with you, then sign on as one of my coffee house $3.00 monthly Patreon supporters. Let's drink some coffee together and share a good story or perhaps just an open ear. I am very excited to write and would love to invite you and your friends to follow my journey. Each blog will dive deep into discovery, joy, challenge, heartache, trials, healing, reflection, peace, harmony, and second chances to fall in love.

The Extra's
Disclaimer if you are faint of heart and are offended by a few cuss words, a little romance, or an in-depth spiritual exploration you might not want to follow my blog.
$6.82 of $1,000 per month
My goal is to create exciting and interesting blogs for my followers to read. The money earned through this Patreon page will be used to hire an established proven editor in NY to help me to get my book past the publishing hurdles ahead. I have saved every penny from this effort to springboard my book to publishing by the fall of 2019. Your monthly $3.00 Patreon Coffeehouse support or a Bravo Zulu one time Cappuccino will help me to create more content, post additional motivational videos for my followers, and of course, buy a few coffees for afternoon writing sessions. My ultimate financial goal is to reach $5000.00 dollars for the editing process for Post Cards from the Edge off my computer and to yours.
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