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Disclaimer: This Patreon is for explicit homo erotic comics. You must be at least 18 years old to become a Patron.

What is Decisive Desire?
Decisive Desire is a gay fantasy adventure romance (graphic novel) that takes place in the world of Idyll, where males are more beast-like in appearance and the females are more human with still having animal features. There are nine gods in this world that are each tasked to govern the element that is affiliated to them and each region they govern has a unique culture as well as magic to those that are adorned to wield these gifts.

What is it about?
The graphic novel focuses the tale of our protagonist's life. 
Chapter I (in-progress
Citizens of the holy kingdom of Elysium are ever eager for the birth of an heir to the throne. And hopes arise within the castle when a child of light is blessed to King Albin and Queen Reseda. But events that follow leave our King grief-stricken as his Queen becomes a host to a shaded figure and the newborn prince lost amongst the chaos that ensued.
Dark days follow our assumed dead prince, but our world Idyll has a purpose for him. Will the rescue be in time before an unseen entity claims him for good?

Why should you donate?
Besides helping me to keep Decisive Desire going, you will get early access to pages and previews to rough drafts and work in progress pieces, you'll have access to majority of my work with just $1!  I appreciate all support! 

Story Interactions (Voting)?
Decisive Desire has moments in it's story where Patrons exclusively get to vote on where the story will go, with vague imagery and clues will be shown in comic format, each vote will be shown as a Yoxkoa star as the voting takes place. 

Will this graphic novel continue indefinitely?
Yes, though I am working from a script it does have an ending though it's far off so Decisive Desire will have a lot of content to enjoy.
Each book (volume) will be around 100+ pages.

Future Plans?
I've designed Decisive Desire with creating it into an RPG one day, something along the lines of Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire, and I do have plans to have merchandise like books, t-shirts, posters, stickers, pins as well as other graphic novels too on the side.


Creator /
Steven Holland
Character Co-Developer /
Ryan Densley
Story Co-Director / Justin Patrick
Creative Co-Director / Chris Solorio
51% complete
Ask questions to the Decisive Desire characters.  (1 question per month, question cap will increase over time.)
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