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This epic fucking badass tier supports my weekly missive as well as new! eek! yay! future projects, and you'll get some extra EFBA treats.

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This tier is for kindred spirits who want to go deeper. Your contribution helps create new things; oh such Things I shall dream up for us! It also lets you and I get more intimately connected, with access to: 

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About Katherine North of Declare Dominion

Greetings, kindred spirits!

You know who you are-- sharp mind, big wild open heart. Sometimes those at odds. 

Also the spidey senses. Yes, the ones you don't talk about.

I've been making things for kindred spirits for almost a decade over at Declare Dominion. I ADORE my clients and the work we do together, and I adore writing for you each week in my weekly missive. But I can only coach one person at a time, and only write for so many hours, and as Anne once said, there are more kindred spirits in the world than it once seemed.

My heart is so full of all the other things I want to create for you! And my house is full of so many children! And there are limited hours in the day! And yet there are things begging to be born!

Last year my husband Nick and I made a little documentary about our family called Just Another Beautiful Family. It was incredibly satisfying, it won an award at the Calgary International Film Festival, and to be honest? It almost killed us. We are brimming with new things we want to show you, stories we want to tell-- but once again, we are already maxed out and every hour is full. 

This Patreon community membership is where I want to open up my world.

Wider. Wilder. Juicier.

While my one-on-one coaching practice will stay focused on high-achieving secretly sensitive women, this is for all the rest of us. For those of you who are struggling, and those of you who have some extra to share. 

All around me, coaches are "scaling." They're hiring teams, creating virtual widgets, making courses on making courses on making courses. Dearheart, that is the exact opposite of what I want to do! I want to get closer, not farther away. I don't want to sell things to you any more;


I kept waiting for permission to make the REAL stuff for you. I was waiting for an agent, a book deal, a producer, a phone call that would change everything: some sort of seal of approval. But you know what? That's bullshit. Forget the gatekeepers. They can't see that what we have here together is rare. It's beautiful. And we don't have time to wait for years and years more; our souls need new stories NOW. So you and me, dearheart. We're just going to co-create this together. 

Listen; some of you have great beautiful rivers of money you can invest in making more beauty in the world. Some of you are scraping $10 out of your grocery budget each week for beauty. 

Wherever you're at, I invite you to join us here in this RichJuicyStarryBeauty✨ community. It gives us a place to have a private conversation, away from the shrieking world. It gives me a place to try out new things and get your feedback. It gives you access to a new kind of vulnerable, intimate conversation and support for your journey. And it gives you a chance to support me in making things that I truly believe will be useful for all of us. 

Some of the things I want to make: 

  • My memoir, in your hands at last-- DID IT!!!!
  • More movies for you-- or maybe an episodic show???-- Secret Project, coming soon!
  • Secret missive-style posts, just for you-- Dozens and dozens  
  • Beautiful useful tangible things you can use every day 
  • A more intimate glimpse into Nick's and my family, marital, and creative lives 
  • New classes, interviews, tools, Things 
  • An as-yet utterly-unwritten book about our relationship 
  • A low-cost way for us to gather in real life 
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at what is working...and what isn't (because wouldn't that be helpful?!?? Instead of just the shiny finished product?!??)
  • A so-terrifyingly-exciting thing I can't tell you about but I swear it's good news 
  • An app to remind us of all the good shit we know but forget 
  • Resources for all kinds of families, kids, and parents 
  • The Secret Society of Saint Nicholas, on paper-- DID IT!!!!! 
  • A magazine! omg how fun would a magazine be???? 

How are all these things connected?

I don't know yet. But I believe that they are, and I believe that the reason I can't see the thread that ties them together yet is because there is a deeper level in my work that I am on the verge of accessing. To do this, I need time. I need space. I need to push my roots down further. I need to know who I'm creating for. 

I need room to press deeper, to abandon online launches and filling courses and doing all the noble things an online entrepreneur must do.

Secret: I never really wanted to be an entrepreneur; I just wanted to make beautiful things that would help people. 

So now I'm asking you to enter into a deeper level of trust with me.  

Let's make something new. Let's create. You know the place where the weekly missives come from? There's SO MUCH MORE THERE. I want to share THAT with you. But I can't do it on my own. So let's get bigger than a traditional coaching business model. I don't want to do business with you! I want to make ART with you.

Will you become part of this creative, tender, fierce, beautiful community?

In return, I will give you my goddamn heart. Cracked open in totally new ways. And I guarantee that when we open up our hearts to each other, we end up finding magic in all sorts of unexpected places. Like maybe everyfuckingwhere. 

Come crack open with me. 

much love,


If I start at one level, can I switch to another?
Yes! You can go up (or down) at any time you like. You'll always be charged on the 1st of the month for whichever level you're at. You can cancel your membership at any time.

I heard that I'll get charged once when I sign up and then AGAIN on the 1st!
Nope! Your card won't actually be charged when you sign up, though they MAY place a temporary "hold" to approve your card. You will absolutely not be charged until the 1st of next month. Then you'll be charged monthly on the 1st of each month. ***Update!!! Apparently when you check out, it looks like like you'll be charged then, and AGAIN on the 1st. I swear that won't happen; and if it does, I'll issue a refund to make it right!***

Can I gift this to a friend?
We haven't yet figured out how to do this!!! This isn't a feature Patreon offers, and we haven't found a hack yet.  

Is this like your structured coaching programs? Will you be teaching ME to create my own things? 
No, this is different-- I won't be teaching a curriculum, but instead letting you in on my own creative process. (Which is of course its own way of teaching-- but I digress.) However we WILL be cheering each other on, and you'll see how I get things done, where I get stuck, and how I unstick myself. I expect that this will evolve and grow and this might be something we'll add more of in the future. 

Any other questions? Email [email protected] and we'll answer them! 


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 208 exclusive posts
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