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DECONRECONSTRUCTION is a creative hub for the multimedia projects of Austinado, Sparaze and the many other collaborators that help bring them to life. We currently have three main projects, spearheaded by multiple members of the team:

Vast Error is a fan webcomic inspired by Homestuck that seeks to engage with the original text, analyze and deconstruct its concepts and themes. The story follows twelve young adults as they are forced to play a reality-altering video game, whose main objective is to revive their universe's god and personification of existence itself: Kheparia, the All-Mother.

Snowbound Blood is a visual novel set a few months before the start of Vast Error, following the story of chief regulator Secily Iopara as she investigates the mysterious disappearance of a high security convoy in the Northern Wastes.

Thaumatrope is a spin-off collection of more traditional comics written and drawn by Xamag, the lead artist of Vast Error. They explore the backstories of certain secondary characters, showcasing how they came to be where they are during the events of Vast Error and Snowbound Blood, and further fleshing out the universe where all of these stories take place.

All told, we have been working on Vast Error and its related projects for a full decade. Wow! If you're interested in what we do and would like to support us, we would deeply, deeply appreciate it. Anything you can give makes a huge difference! And the best part is: you can get some special goodies along the way, like backstage access to sketches, concept art, storyboards and whatever else we think is fun enough to share, PLUS a backlog of kinda-monthly exclusive podcast episodes where you'll have the pleasure to listen to us blabber on about Vast Error. Or whatever else happens to be on our minds on a given day.

Really, just knowing that folks care about what we do means a lot. So, if you've read this far: thank you!!!

Please do give us money though. • Store • Bandcamp • Twitter • Tumblr
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