nelson dedos garcia

is creating Hip Hop icons from his golden era

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About nelson dedos garcia

In addition to just trying to survive and support my family of 3 kids, and border collie ...I feel privileged that the window of opportunity was shown to me at the perfect time to create an ongoing series that can grow and grow; from this to books, to an animation is my hope that this will educate and inspire those who follow and contribute to the globally known phenomenon; "hip hop".

As a youth growing up in east Vancouver, I was exposed to the music through friends in my neighbourhood and hip hop quickly became of central importance in my life; shaping my view of the world and helping me to navigate my youth; I danced, drew and painted simultaneously during my teens and early adulthood, alongside with my crew the Rascalz, we managed to produce 4 albums together. Hip hop gave us opportunities to travel the world and see how this culture was impacting and uniting youth internationally; as a collective voice, as a tool for positive change politically and personally.

This series is a tribute to leaders of the 'true school'; those who
made huge evolutionary steps in transforming and sharing this culture.  

Over the years as a father I've had to learn new skills and
enter a scary new world of the animation industry because painting canvases and murals for folks just wasn't cutting it. I taught my self everything I know and managed to win a scholarship to go to animation school, which was a game-changer for me.

I'm sparing you all the starving artists struggles but just to cut it short, here I am! ...
working on the dream, one piece at a time...

I've been getting a lot of attention so far and significant moral support within the international community, especially elders and significant contributors, I feel like people really believe in what I'm creating and constantly tell me I should post more on social media.  For me its time...I wish I had more of it,  the
joy that i feel when I create these characters, I would love to do this full time! 

For those that sincererly love hip hop culture and its' innovative elements which bring cultures from around the globe together in a harmonious way. For those who recognize the artists that pushed you to think for yourselves, and taught you meaning of fresh,then this is for you!
This is for the collectors of classic material.

Join me in creating this memorable project .

any contribution would be greatly appreciated.
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Thank you for your support and believing in this ongoing project, I truly appreciate it even at this level.
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