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Hey hey fella, you're in the right place at the right time! We're exploring ways how to make digital marketing profitable here 🚀

❌Not by reselling shitty courses from the people who haven't opened any ad dashboard 
💯But by practicing. Grinding. Hustling. Crying. Whatever it takes to get the result. 

It's hard you know. Do not believe those who talk that it is a piece of a cake. Put 1 buck in the Facebook ads and get 2 bucks back. It's bullshit ⛔️

We're competing with the great minds on the same platform for the attention of the same audience. Smart guys win. Smart techniques win. It has to be this way.

Here I share my results openly. Every god damn screenshot. Even with lousy results. Because we learn from losing money even more 😭💪


The reality of our time? It's for everyone now. Social media presence is crucial for everybody ether you an entrepreneur or barman. Your social media picture (all your social media profiles) like it or not - evaluate who you are as a professional. But most value from all the videos, podcasts and tools I share would get:

  • SMB Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Digital Artists
  • CEOs, CMOs, and other related Executives
  • Digital Marketers and Media Buyers
  • Social Media Influencers

Everyone who wants to grow their business or social media presence. Get clients or fans. Sell goods or services. 


No need to shy. We all have been there. You can find a lot of content not only about ads managing and hardcore marketing things.

🤫How to manage Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc. accounts. Small hidden tips & tricks.
🚀How to grow organically on social media platforms.
🔥How to build simple and advanced digital funnels.
🗣How to communicate with your social media audience.
🤖How to automate everything from email blasts to facebook messenger bots, telegram bots. Using Zapier and Integromat glue.

Maybe the last one is a bit hardcore' ish 😀

Basically, this place is all about how to. That's what I stand for. The contents for do-ers delivered by a practitioner.
Solid insights about entrepreneurship, branding, design, AI, growth and digital marketing in less than 10 minutes bites.

Easy to digest. Ready to implement.


First of all, I'm not a guru by any kind.

I'm just a guy who is in the online business for 10 years already. Have been freelancing at the time. Then shifted and created a growth agency Tegra. Worked with Nike, Adidas, Warner Brothers and other brands. But prefer to work with SMBs nowadays. Build my small e-commerce businesses. Experiment with stuff. Just want to build a community where I can share myself and learn from you as well. Featured on podcasts like Hustle Sold Separately. Run my own podcast Hustle 365 and YouTube channel Hack Growth

Even more about me on my website


You won't believe me but I'm pretty much active on all of those:

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If you have something to share or any ideas for collaboration - hit me up at [email protected]

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