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Download the book and source code. Access all drafts immediately. 

About Dragan Djuric

Hi, I'm Dragan from https://dragan.rocks.

I have been using Clojure for the last 10 years and I teach Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems at University of Belgrade for even longer. I also develop a bunch of nice Clojure open source libraries that you may have heard about: Neanderthal, ClojureCUDA, ClojureCL, Bayadera, Fluokitten, etc.

I'm also excited to announce a couple of books that teach attractive topics at the intersection of programming and Artificial Intelligence, written with programmers in mind.

The first of them is this book, Deep Learning for Programmers, An Interactive Tutorial with CUDA, OpenCL, MKL-DNN, Java and Cloure. You can read more about it at the dedicated website, https://aiprobook.com/deep-learning-for-programmers

This is where you can voice your support for my work, and subscribe to the book. You'll immediately get access to PDF version of the latest draft, including the source code.

Subscription is the only way to access this book. In this way, we cut the middleman, and I get almost all of the money you spend on it. The book will not be sold in a classical manner (Amazon, etc.) since it is not economically feasible for the author (me). By subscribing, you ensure that 100% of the money you spend goes to funding my open source work on the Uncomplicate Clojure libraries.

You can choose a tier that shows your level of support: $6, $12, $33, or a custom level of support, and get acknowledged as a supporter in the book. Higher tiers help more, and also bring some additional perks.

The recommended subscription prices for new subscribers are generally going to rise each month, as the books nears the "completion" of the first edition, and it is a good idea not to wait, but to subscribe early and secure the early discount.

The book will be developed in perpetuity. As soon as the first edition (version 1.0.0) is out, I'll start a new cycle for version 2.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy the book!

If you are not in any way 100% satisfied with the book progress, you can simply cancel the subscription, and keep the drafts that you received up to that point.

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