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Your support helps raise awareness that Deep Adaptation Forum exists, a vital resource for compassionate listening, honest conversation, and growing collaboration among people open to sharing, learning, and connecting. This is the funding we stand upon.

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Your gift will help us run and manage the back end of our platforms. This may sound merely technical, but encompasses the visible landing places that make up DAF. The word ‘Forum’ - right there in our name - points to where our community gathers, including our website, our Professions' Network, and our zoom channels and social media pages.


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This level of giving will help structure all that underpins our efforts to engage DAF's community. These include blog posts, informal dialogues among members, moderated conversations, and facilitated discussions. Enhancing connections and enabling mutual support is the fundamental basis of our work.




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About Deep Adaptation Forum

Help us make a difference in the world!

How we prepare and adapt to the convergent crises overwhelming the planet will make a critical difference to how the future unfolds. Deep Adaptation Forum is having a transformative impact, enabling members and participants to travel through grief, anxiety, and despair, and join a community facing the truth of what is with curiosity, compassion, and respect. By embracing our interconnectedness with one another and our environment, we embark on a conscious journey of solidarity, breaking a cycle of bewilderment and aggression and replacing it with opportunities for generative dialogue, listening, and learning.

DAF’s platforms and activities promote and encourage critical conversations about personal and practical adaptations that foster deeper emotional and psychological resilience. Our unique mission comes from the fact that we have moved beyond ‘managing’ the impacts of a changing climate, seeking ‘sustainable’ outcomes, adhering to false narratives about ‘progress’ and ‘development,’ or maintaining a deeply inequitable status quo. Instead we aim to generate and communicate knowledge, exchange information, build out interpersonal networks, and enable positive action.

DAF helps people face troubling and uncertain times calmly, creatively, and decisively. Our platforms and activities, and the participant-led projects we nurture, help members to make renewed - and even radical - commitments and contributions to life.

Here’s how YOU can help!

We run primarily on the human-powered fuel of dedicated volunteers. (Hopefully, dear reader, you are one of them!) DAF also has a small but mighty core team who receive stipends in exchange for the expertise, passion, and sweat-equity with which they attempt to share the message of Deep Adaptation with those yet feeling isolated and adrift. Small contributions and gifts of any size will go far in offering the respite and renewed purpose that our community provides.

If you feel our work has brought value to you and you believe it’s important for it to continue - and if you possess the means to make a financial contribution now - we would be so grateful.

Here’s what we’ll do with your donation:

You can be assured that every bit of monthly support will be rapidly and wisely put
to good use.

We will invest in the people and platforms that help build awareness, support our affinity groups and volunteers, enable online and also in-person community (when again possible to do so), and provide professional and educational resources that will help bring DAF messaging into settings where they may have an important influence. In short, you will help provide the ideas, tools, and systems that allow collapse-aware individuals to take empowered action.

We are committed to co-creation and emergence; your support will enable us to continue to involve members to shape our strategy, so we can best serve our communities and stay relevant and responsive.

Anything else?

Presumably you are here because you wish to support Deep Adaptation Forum. Please carry through on that goal, with our deepest thanks! If you would like more information, visit us at the DAF website, where you can also find links to all of our social media accounts. For individual assistance please contact [email protected].


We are so grateful for your support of Deep Adaptation Forum! Donations underpin the physical work we do, but the joy and warmth with which we nurture each other, our community, and this beautiful planet that sustains us, is more valuable than anything else. Thank you for your generous spirit and all the ways you share your gifts with the world.


Our fiscal sponsor:

All funds collected through Patreon will be administered by our partner and fiscal sponsor, the Schumacher Institute, a registered UK charity.
Company No: 6606284
Registered Office: Create Centre, Smeaton Road BRISTOL, BS1 6XN
Registered charity number: 1144674

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