Deep Canvas

is creating tools for artists using Artificial Intelligence
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About Deep Canvas

What is Deep Canvas?

Deep Canvas is a new online tool for artists and content creators to create art with artificial intelligence.

Whether you're an experienced artist or never drew a day in your life, Deep Canvas allows anyone to create anything they want.

How does it work?

In the simplest terms, Deep Canvas uses deep neural networks that are trained to transform an input image to an output image. 

Our AI is trained from users drawing (labeling) images to learn a new style.

For a more technical explanation, we recommend viewing this GitHub page as we base our algorithms on this.

Where can I use this? What's the Cost?

Deep Canvas is currently in private testing. We will then be rolling this out to our Patrons as an exclusive beta. We plan on releasing beta keys to our Patrons monthly.

We plan on releasing Deep Canvas as a free tool to help artists and content creators. We expect quite an overhead cost for training our AI. As a Patron you'll help us grow this tool and allow it to remain free. As a huge thank you, all Patron will have:

  • Exclusive early access to Deep Canvas and new products
  • Increased limits for creating custom templates
  • Supporter badge on your profile
  • High priority support and influence on deep canvas. We want to make something that YOU find useful, and we take support and feedback very seriously

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