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Hi, Deep Jagdeep Singh Here!
I am an educator, journalist and writer. I have written/recorded film reviews of more than 100 English, Hindi and Punjabi films released between 2006 to till date. Many of my Book Reviews, Commentaries, Poems and Author Profiles are published in various Indian Literary Journals. I am an author of a collection of Poetry and I have translated 5 most critically acclaimed books which includes the official biography of former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

I was born and brought up in the city of Ludhiana, know as the Manchester of Punjab, India. I had a long career spanning from 2000 till now in Journalism, Screen Writing and Entertainment & Literary Reviews. My sheer dedication, hard work, goal-oriented actions that helped me in reaching for new horizons.

Mission of Life:
After an eventful career of approximately 15 years in print, broadcast media, TV entertainment world and film industry, in year 2015 I took a leap to work for peace advocacy, development and literary journalism. I have done in-depth research in the field of communication, Journalism as an academic subject and a profession along with promoting the new technology as a tool for the growth and conservation of regional languages and dialects. I want to work for peace and freedom of expression along with promotion of my own mother tongue Punjabi globally.

Your support means the world to me, and Patreon offers a way to grow that support. Patrons like you can pledge a dollar amount of your choice towards my content, and in return receive some rewards.

Your money goes towards the production, recording, and other costs associated with keeping my channel running. It also gives me the flexibility to work on other peace projects and branch out into new areas to create cosmic brotherhood in the society.

I sincerely believe in what I do, and hope you believe in it as well. My aim is to build a community here of my most dedicated supporters, who will grow with me and help shape the future of our channel and world around us. I take your feedback to heart, and want to engage with you every step along the way. Check out the rewards listed below to find out how we can work together to make a peaceful society while entertaining!

Check out the complete work profile here.
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When I reach $350 per month, I'll start a special podcast series where I interview real life heroes every fortnight highlighting his daily life hustle. These real life heroes most probably would be chosen from my patrons.  
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