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You will also receive a top secret phrase that, when said at any of our Comic Con Appearances across the nation, will get you a Patron-Only secret surprise! 




Greetings, fiends! 
My name is Kristopher McClanahan and I am an artist, author, podcaster, game designer, soapboiler and con man living in the Northwest. With my wife and friends, we have spent the last decade as DEEPLY DAPPER - bringing you the best art, stories, games, alchemy and experiences we can.

After a long search about the best way to use Patreon, we decided to combine everything we do into one epic experience - a super geeky, lovingly created monthly magazine! 

TABLETOPS AND TENTACLES is a monthly magazine designed to harken back to the classic magazines I loved growing up - Dragon, Dungeon, Wizard, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction with a modern twist. Each issue will be packed with content including a mix of the following: 
  • Roleplaying Game Adventure hooks, prompts and outlines
  • Full adventures for RPGs
  • Custom NPCs, treasure, magic items and monsters
  • Short fiction and book excerpts
  • Interviews with Tabletop and RPG game designers
  • Artist Alley and creator profiles
  • Film reviews and interviews
  • Fun and helpful dice tables
  • Custom maps and locations
  • Bad jokes
  • Comics!
  • Convention Reports
  • Reviews of games, systems, books, and weird food
  • Exclusive artwork
  • Tales from the Cthulhu-Haul
  • Articles, hints and tips for RPGs and Tabletop Games
  • Monthly Kickstarter previews and game releases
  • The Binge - the monthly movie marathon
  • The Book Club - revisiting Lovecraft
  • 50 Films you DON'T have to see before you die
  • The Scent-Of-The-Month!
  • Probably more bad jokes!
In addition to getting the magazine cheaper on Patreon than it will be available at our table at shows or online, Patrons will also get exclusive digital content, including printable maps, character and item cards, ebooks and behind the scenes content. There is also a weekly podcast and two youtube channels supporting the magazine. 

Why support TABLETOPS & TENTACLES on Patreon?
  • Every Patron will help support the development of every issue
  • Save money off of the retail cost of the magazines
  • Get exclusive content, digital downloads and sneak previews
  • Help pay for the artwork, writing, development and design
  • Help support independent artists! 
  • Help us create more content for our youtube channel
  • Less critical fails rolled! (probably)
  • Improve your quality of toilet/bus/couch reading
How does it work? 
All you have to do is pledge at your minimum desired level to get the magazine each month. (Of course, you are always welcome to pledge for more to help support our endeavors) We are releasing the first issue in April 2020.
There are three primary pledge levels -
  • DIGITAL COPY - $5 a month gets you the magazine in PDF form as soon as it is published.
  • POD Copy - $8 a month gets you the digital copy as well as a print on demand code for Drive Thru RPG that will let you print the issues of the magazine that you want at cost.
  • PHYSICAL COPY - $20 will get you the digital issue as well as a physical printed copy mailed to your door by our mailroom hobgoblins.

  • NOTE: Physical and digital copies will also be available on DriveThru RPG after they are available here, but at a higher retail. The Physical copy will be available after the digital as printing proofs add to the timeline for print availability.

  • Interested in contributing to TABLETOPS & TENTACLES? We are looking for all sorts of interesting contributions: CONTACT US!

What kinds of RPG adventures can we expect from TABLETOPS AND TENTACLES?
Excellent question, Patreon About Page! My wife and I have been creating worlds, adventures and stories together for over a decade, in games, novels, short stories, RPGs and just as ways to entertain ourselves on long car rides. In the process we've assembled a huge collection of notes, tales, myths and plots to pull from for the magazine. In each issue we plan to include a mix of genres, adventure types and lengths as well as a blend of complexity.
  • Most fantasy adventures will be primarily system agnostic, but whenever possible we will include tables for adjusting to 5E/pathfinder/etc, depending on the adventure. (Or include them as Patreon exclusives)
  • A blend of fantasy, sci-fi, horror and modern, with some twists thrown in.
  • We have established worlds in a wide range of genres and when we write adventures in them, we will also include primers about the genre and world for extra texture.
  • Themed issues! A few times a year, we will release issues that are created around a central theme - Horror, aliens, holidays, maybe a fruit? Who knows!?!
  • Guest Editors! In addition to reaching out to comic book creators we've met in our years of doing conventions, interviewing game creators and artists, we will also be doing guest editor issues where a special guest editor shapes the magazine that month.

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