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About Shaquille Stoutamire

Hello! My name is Shaquille Stoutamire and I love to make games and teach people how to design and create them as well! I've given talks to university students, held online game development competitions and game jams, and I want to provide you with a steady flow of experimental gameplay and interesting content!

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For your precious monies you get the same games and tutorials that everyone else gets for free! Hooray!

Here are some of the projects I've worked on:

That's not good enough...
How about Patron-only alerts for streams + first dibs on art, experimental projects, jam games, and exclusive previews? I'll also be holding a monthly MINIJAM that we can all participate in!

Yeah, that's more like it!
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for any way that you choose to support me. It really means everything! I hope I can provide you with interesting experiences or, at least, the tools to create your own.
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I'll be releasing experimental prototypes, and their sources, more often. It'll also allow me to cover a full month's worth of groceries for my family.

I'll try to still work beyond that, but the rest of my time will have to be spent working at a day job and doing freelance work to make ends meet.
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