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Fire Badger
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Skilled with the Fireball, Fire Badgers are a fearsome race of mages that do not hesitate to kill.

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  • The entire post archive at the Fire Badger level
  • Access to the art PSDs
  • The ability to vote on all monthly Fan Art polls
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Samurai Badger
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The Samurai Badgers are an ancient order of warriors dedicated to protecting those that cannot protect themselves. Their skill with the katana is a thing of legend. They excel in speed and cunning, able to cut arrows out of the air and infiltrate the most secure of bases unseen. It is said that a Samurai Badger is able to defeat a hundred men single-handedly and without taking a scratch.

  • All previous rewards
  • ZIPs of the Unity files of any Game Jam games made during the month, as well as some other code snippets
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  • The ability to suggest fan art topics for the monthly poll
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Badger Mech
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The scientists of the Aquidestrian Empire have created a new weapon to fight the rabble of the Insurgency. Known as Project BGR-25, this hulking behemoth of steel and oil is the most advanced military vehicle ever created. Its nuclear heart pulses in a radioactive fire that moves this hulking goliath. The controls of these machines are far too complex and require too quick of a reaction speed for humans to pilot. That is why the creators of the BGR-25 have created a hybrid. Half-Man, Half-Beast, the hybrid takes the intelligence of a human and pairs it with the superior musculature and senses of a badger. The hybrid is the only known being that can pilot the BGR-25.

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  • A shout out in videos and game credits that are made during your pledge
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Welcome! Defiant Badger Entertainment is an independent creator of games and other arts. It was created by Daniel Brazell mostly because no one can pronounce his last name.

We have made a variety of products, among them are a card game called Cats Play Politics, which can be found here; a Webtoon called "The Voltaire Incident", which can be read here; and some Game Jam submissions that can be found on here. We have also created a T-Shirt store with all original designs that you can view here.

We have several projects in the works currently, but here's a quick look at what we will be doing:
  • We will be producing regular fan art pieces
  • We will be working on the code and concepts for a mobile Gaccha game
  • We will be working on the concepts for "The Broken Line", a super hero webcomic series
  • We will be studying crypto currency and looking to see how we can use the strengths of that developing medium for games and art
Patrons will have access to a behind-the-scenes look at these projects and more. In addition, all new patrons will receive a special welcome package with a coupon and some exclusive PSDs.
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At 500 patrons, Defiant Badger will have reached the goal of 500 true fans. This will mean relative financial stability that will ensure better quality and higher quantity in our production. 
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