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Hey, there!

Folks call me Deggey, and I'm fascinated by comics and drawings alike! Art, Comics, and all manners of creative expression are my passion, and to be a part of the creative community is so very VERY important to me!
Things I'd love to do for my patrons:
-Drawing Request Streams, Poster Illustrations, Storyboards, Original Comics
How you can help:
-Donate once a month! You'll receive rewards exclusive to patrons~ such as monthly desktop wallpapers, digital sketchbook content, copies of published material, request slots in request streams, or even Art In The Mail for the top tier patrons!
-Want a more immediate satisfaction? I have posters to sell! Head on over to my store where I sell the illustrated posters I display at Artist Alley and Craft Fairs! You can also pick up a copy of The Windy City Vol. 1 while you're there =3

Right now, I author and draw a couple webcomics:
 The Windy City - A personal comic about my current life and experiences in the city of Lethbridge, and the life lessons and silly stories that happen along the way.
Mysty Waters - An original story with pirates and mysterious, unexplored islands!

I also have an art tumblr where I post fun, quick drawings, as well as a Twitter where I ramble about updates and also post sketches and the like. I recently got into Instagram, where I more often post Cosplay related projects. To check out my finished works, here's my Artist Portfolio

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 73 exclusive posts

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