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Dejans_sanctuary_for_dogs is a home for nearly 600 dogs and also some cats in Serbia.
These dogs were abandoned in front of the shelter or I found them injured on the streets.
Every dog who could not be rescued will end in the civil killing shelter.
Already my mother founded the shelter more then 10 years ago to give unwanted dogs a home. After her death I continued to run the shelter by my own. 
It started as a small shelter but the last years the number of dogs increased highly. 
The dogs are living in different packs outside on a big ground.
My goal is to give the animals in Serbia a place where they could peacefully live and rise the awareness of people how important it is to treat our fury friends who give us unconditional love mindful.
Thank you to being a part and joining me to safe the strays with your donation!
$34,760.68 of $60,000 per month
-To get every starving belly of the more then 900 dogs and some cats in the shelter to be nourished. The dogs need high quality food that they are healthy to deal with the cold winter and wetness

-To pay a veterinary who will visit the shelter every day. To give the newest rescues a check up, treat the ill ones and to spay the dogs. Caring for 900 dogs means that every day we have an emergency case and some of them are sickly.

-I rented a house for the very sick and injured dogs. They can´t live in the shelter and deal with the circumstances there and need a quite and warm place.

-Things needed to be improved in the shelter like building some enclosures and new wooden houses for the dogs. The ground has to be fixed because when it starts to rain there is only cold mud everywhere.

-Buying a new stove for the winter and a Long term project is to build a heated enclosure for the dogs in the winter, too

-To be able to pay worker who could help me to care every day for the dogs and clean the shelter (just imagine how many poo have to cleaned up from 900 dogs).

-Buying a newer shelter car (the current car is breaking down every few weeks as it is very old now), to pick up the animals who Need to be rescued and to be able to bring them to the veterinary.

-Improve the conditions in the shelter for the cold and hard Winter season 
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