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About Delhi Technology Club

Hello Great people,

I'm Saurabh Saxena and I am passionate about exploring all kinds of technologies, experimenting with them and making interesting and creative prototypes using one or more such technologies and present their power and magic through videos. I have been doing such work for nine years now. I believe that anything is possible through technology. All the demo videos are available for free on YouTube and on my Website.

Technology Experiments!

I have been playing with many technologies till now like 
Augmented Reality   Robotics • 3D Printing  • Printed and Organic Solar Cells   VFX • 2D 3D Games  • Amazon Sumerian  • Unity • OpenCV • OpenGL • Holograms • Motion Capturing  • Magnetic Levitation and more.

I've got endless ideas for new prototypes and with this page you can help me make them!

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Why do you need the money?

Nowadays technology is mostly hardware+software based like IoT, Machine Learning, Intelligent Robotics etc. I have been using my personal funds and trial licenses for software parts but hardware comes expensive. My personal funds are not sufficient to buy hardwares and making further advancements. I need the money to purchase equipment for the prototypes such as raspberry pi, motor drivers, motors,screens, Development Kits, 3D Printer filaments & more.


DISCLAIMER: All goals and reward tiers are subject to change. 

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