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Even in the age of digital nothing lasts forever.
Delisted Games is here to chronicle the games you can’t play and do our best to find out what happened, when the game was delisted, and anywhere else that you can still find it (legally). 

Delisted Games started (and continues) as a series of YouTube videos that presents delisted games in an archival format. After receiving tons of comments on these videos asking why the games were removed and how to get them back I decided to start this site. That was 2016 and since then the site has more than doubled in content, features, and viewership year after year.

So what do I need Patrons for? Research and fact-finding takes the most time in this process as most companies don’t even acknowledge that their games have gone offline. Your support helps me carve out the hours for digging up dirt, and it will also cover the cost of games on the verge of extinction (more on that in the Goals section). Your support also goes toward the recording and production of new delisted videos for the YouTube channel, as well as general web hosting and domain costs. Right now it's all out-of-pocket and offset by the small amount of income from the minimal ads on the site.
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The simplest and yet most critical goal of all. It costs us around $80 a year to cover the domain registration and hosting for the site. With this set to auto-renew Delisted Games and its wealth of information will remain online indefinitely.
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