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Hi! I'm Debbie Levitt. You know me from my Delta CX and Ptype worlds. I've been a CX/UX strategist, architect, speaker, and trainer for 20+ years. You can catch me online weekly with my LinkedIn Live and YouTube livestreams that include scheduled podcasts, global "improv comedy" sessions, and Office Hours/ Ask Me Anything.

I'm setting up Patreon for two reasons:

  1. As a tip jar. I offer most of my content completely free. I know that monthly fees and subscriptions are outside of most people's budgets. If you want to pay something, it's appreciated! You can set that up here.
  2. I'll create higher tiers with more personal access for those who are interested in connecting with me regularly and privately, such as for coaching. 
Whether or not you choose to pay anything, thank you for stopping by! Here are some other places you can follow me for my content:

The Delta CX Podcast goes live to LinkedIn Live and YouTube simultaneously. You can also find it archived later on YouTube as well as broadcast to the most common podcast systems.

Follow me on LinkedIn since I post often and interact with nearly everybody who comments or messages me. You'll also be notified when I go live.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when I go live and to access the archives of all of the public videos.

Thanks again, and see you around the interwebs!

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