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About Eric Burns-White

Thanks for dropping by my Patreon page!
My name's Eric Burns-White, and I've been writing on the Internet for over thirty years, dating back to the days when the whole place was phosphorescent green or -- if you were really swank -- amber and entirely made out of ASCII. In my time I've written over six million words online -- sometimes even sequentially. I'm best known for Websnark: a critical commentary blog that got some traction in the mid-oughts with a lot of coverage of webcomics, cartoons, pop culture and 'stuff' that action hero Wednesday White and I wrote. I also started Banter Latte: a fiction and poetry site which featured serialized work. Among other things, this included "Interviewing Leather" -- the story of a gonzo journalist wannabe interviewing a C-List supervillain -- and Lovelace½ -- the story of a normal enough fourteen year old girl who stopped being quite so normal one day. I spent some time in the RPG development trenches, including being nominated for the prestigious Golden ENnie award (and being part of a win), and working for companies like Decipher and Steve Jackson Games on properties ranging from the wild west to the Angel-and-Demonpunk cool of In Nomine straight through to licensed work for Star Trek. I've also spent the last few years getting increasingly comfortable with CGI and digital art -- opening up artistic avenues for me that honestly I've never been able to pursue before.

Various issues took me out of the public arena except for the occasional essay and Twitter sniping, but I've really wanted to come back and write. It's what keeps me sane. And obviously, I need to make some kind of money while doing it. However, I've discovered that as much as I adore writing... I have a day job I love -- working in the technology sector for a truly amazing school -- and that means I can't drop everything and write against deadline for twenty hours a day any more.

But I don't have to -- we live in the future, where anyone can publish and seek the audience they can find. So that's what I'm going to do -- and I hope you'll want to support the effort and come along with me.

What kinds of things will I write? Stuff about superheroes, science fiction and fantasy, some horror, some essays and critical work, some poetry, some straight up contemporary fiction, a little experimental stuff here and there, and lots of humor. Some projects include:
  • Justice Wing (001JW) -- a somewhat familiar superheroic world, often examining how places like that work, best known for Interviewing Leather and its sequel Interviewing Trey. In ways, this is the fictional universe where I work out the logical hows and whys of superheroing as we've always seen it.
  • Lovelace 1/2 (012LL) -- the story of fourteen year old Andi Gannett-Moore. Andi's a likable if sardonic athlete who makes friends easily and struggles with academics... until one day she stops getting wrong answers and starts doing math as fast as she can write, while remembering literally everything she's ever seen or heard... and learning the world's a stranger place than she ever knew.
  • Corbett-877 (877CB) -- The story of Captain Liam Corbett of the A.F.S. Vigilant -- who heads off on an ordinary mission, transmitting to a planet's surface... only to find himself in an afterlife populated by the souls of the unmourned... including eight hundred and seventy six other Liam Corbetts...
  • Imperial Space (633IPS) -- A semi-hard science fiction universe of the far future, occupying the Venn diagram between Traveller, Babylon 5, and contemporary politics and culture. Probably best known for Theftworld.
  • Mythic Heroes (023SG) -- For literally decades, I've produced stuff for a shared fictional universe called Superguy. A lot of what I wrote for it's terrible, mind, but I've got a lot of affection for it, and after all these years I want to bring those characters out into a broader marketplace and make them earn their keep. As I don't own the rest of that shared universe, Mythic Heroes is my reworking of those stories into a cheap knockoff standalone pastiche. Sometimes very serious, sometimes entirely silly, sometimes starring fish.
  • And many more, all with their own silly alphanumeric codes! Thrill to 320SF! Be amazed by 954ALT! Never actually see anything in 444TH!
These codes, for the record, are part of a multiverse project I call Ninespace, which means in one conceptual sense these are all taking place in a single cosm, with recurring themes and counterparts and crossovers where appropriate.

Depending on the level you choose, you'll get access to serialized posts on Banter Latte before the general public, special annotations, vignettes, notes, backstories, and deleted scenes, and even full first draft copies of novellas and short novels before they're serialized and free copies of published works!

If you can't pledge or just don't want to, but have been following my other (too often) sparse work on Banter Latte and Websnark, don't worry. Lots of the content will be ultimately serialized on Banter Latte and made available for free. This includes any stories in progress on Banter Latte -- I'm not going to make you pay to see the end of a story I started for free. Regardless, I appreciate all your support, now and into the future!

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When we reach 75 patrons I will schedule a monthly online meetup through some appropriate venue.
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