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It's time to prevent cyber-crime!
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About DeMonito SQUAD

It is time to battle cyber-crime! It was early 2017 when a brilliant idea became a project. Since then, we are working day and night, combining with our daily jobs and our families, on something very big: deMonito’s project.

Our full-time jobs, the school of our kids, a nice house near the Orleans’ forest in France, the beauty of the city of Granada or the magnificent beaches of Mallorca. We have decided to leave everything we have, give it a chance and help the society building from scratch the very first cyber-prevention startup in Spain.

If everything continues as planned and we find the funds we need, three of us together with our families, will officially relocate our lives together in the middle of Spain to be fully focus on creating deMonito, the company, by June 2019, spreading out the word cyber prevention where we know there will be a child or parents worried about their Internet security protection.

How we will do so? Well, this is the reason we created our Patreon’s page. We invite you to follow us all during this trip by becoming our Patron and discover all the work we do every day, how the project is moving on and what deMonito is all about.

Thanks, in advanced, for coming in and hope to talk to you soon

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As you will soon discover if you became our Patron, deMonito is not only a weekly Blog, a web-page or nice images. 
We are a technology startup and we have finished our testing phase using old Raspberries, legacy 2nd hand-routers or home-made test boards.
Our objective now is to prepare and maintain three professional test boards that will be installed at home of our pilot testers, hopefully, by September 2018.
In addition, we are working already in our very first comic strip and we would like to order the first samples of our future T-Shirts designed by our artist Alejo. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts