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About demoscenes

I am Cris or better known as Demoscenes on youtube. Many of you might know who I am and what I am doing but for you who are new to me, let me explain. The goal for me is to make the most accurate and real authentic Commodore 64 SID music recordings. It means All you see and hear has been done by hand, by one man. Meaning no automation or massive batch productions has ever been made to get the greatest SID recordings you ever heard! This is something I am doing on my free time, also known as hobby level of time and I have been doing this for over ten years. Much research, much time, much analysis are required to get to where I am at now. That is why I need your help to make the process going on and to make what's good ever better! There are some SID recordings out there but many of them are done in an emulator and won't even come close to my recordings, which are done on real hardware only using the best customized SID Models, SID Revisions and carefully measured frequency analysis. Nothing but the best is good enough for me and you. I wish to take my unique SID Recordings to a new level and this can only be done with your help and also a chance for you to be part of the process and journey!

Also I have huge interests in music, as a composer and as a sound designer, this has recently been merged into this channel as well. Because why separate two huge interests when it is possible to combine them into one. I wish to expand this territory too by making tutorials and overviews. 

Wouldn't it be great to draw your straw to the stack to help out? I think so.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
Cris (Xiny6581)
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Doing SID Recordings take time and is never compensated by quality. I wish to do more research, more unique SID Recordings. Also I need to restorate  my Commodore machines with new components also known as "recap", change all the capacitors.
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