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I don't have rewards set up yet, but $1 is just saying like, hey Tim, you are ok.  It'll do bro.  Keep doing your thing.

Moar support.

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No rewards yet, but if you do this I'll be nicer to you, and not so sarcastic and annoying.  I'll be liek, hey man/ma'm/person, you are that one giving me $3 on Patreon right?  

You are really cool.

Extra moar support things.

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I really appreciate this and I'll be you bud and we'll hangout and drink beers, and I'll come to yours and you to mine, we'll have a great time and go see a movie, then some quiet drinks and maybe ...

Super supporter.

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This is just for people who are utterly insane and don't know any better.

Should you really be spending this money on my terrible YouTube videos, or saving kids in Africa?  Sort out your priorities.