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About Denis St John

It's me, Denis St. John.  I'm a horror cartoonist among other things, but mainly I'm here to talk about my HORROR COMICS!

I'm working on a NEW book of my horror short stories for Halloween! Tentatively called The Land of Many Monsters and Many More Monster Tails! This book may have found a publisher! (Awesome!) but I still need your help to get it made and out in time!

I've been making comics for years, including my graphic novel, AMELIA: A MONSTERS & GIRLS BOOK, and more

While I am lucky enough to work professionally in comics, something I am very thankful for, I still self-publish my horror comics. The advantage of self-publishing is being able to create the exact kind of comics I want to make, no matter how dark, twisted, or just straight up weird! The main disadvantage is it is expensive! In addition to writing, drawing, scanning, cleaning, coloring, promoting (etc. etc.) myself, I also have to pay for printing, convention tables, travel, and all other costs. And that can add up, and even be prohibitive.

I would like help to put together my new book and future books!

Thank you all, everyone, for reading this and considering donating to my patreon! I'm so greatful for my fans, for folks who love indie horror comics, horror comics that try to be put across a unique story and might be too strange and unusual, and will hopefully give people nightmares, or at least weird dreams!

I've tried to put together some fun reward tiers!
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