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This is the tier for anyone who likes the look of what I'm doing and wants to see more of it. It won't give you anything beyond the satisfaction that you're supporting something you think is worthwhile, but there's nothing wrong with that, is there?
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I like as much of my philosophy work to be available in public as possible, so I don't intend to hold writing back for paying customers. I say what I want to say in public, when I want to say it. But I do have some ideas for ways of presenting this content that I'm happy to keep behind a paywall, if only for a limited time.

In particular, I'm hoping to make audio recordings of some of my better threads/posts/essays for anyone who wants to listen to them while doing something else. I'm not really one for podcasts, but I listen to a lot of audiobooks, and have a lot of respect for the craft involved. Moreover, I tend to write the way I speak, so it makes sense for me to speak to you directly. This is a speculative proposal, as I'm not set up to do this yet, so join this tier at your own risk. 
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About Pete Wolfendale

Hi, I'm Pete, and I'm a systematic philosopher. If this sounds like I’ve taken the mic an AA meeting, there’s a reason for that: systematic philosophy is not something you are supposed to do in real time, it’s something that people are supposed to have done; and, depending who you listen to, either can only be done by septuagenarians from France, Germany, Italy, or elsewhere on the Continent, or simply can’t be done at all. I’ve spent enough time trying to present myself in ways that would be acceptable to the ossified social cliques currently in charge of academic philosophy for one lifetime, and I’m now trying to do other things. This is a platform for doing them.

If you'd like to know more about my attitude toward philosophy and how I go about doing it, check out the introduction to my blog (deontologistics), which I've been running for over a decade now. This is the hub where most of my writing gets done, or at least collated and organised, though there's some work published in various places and formats, and some tentative experiments with new media that I hope this platform will facilitate.

For the moment, I can be found thinking in real time on Twitter. This involves me posting lengthy threads that sometimes become sizeable essays on topics in response to interactions and prompts from my followers. These threads tend to get collated, edited, and extended when they're put up on the blog. If you've got a question you'd like to see me try and answer, this is the best place to go.

I've also got a YouTube channel. I haven't made any content specifically for YouTube yet, but there's a selection of talks and lectures I've given already up on there, and further A/V appearances not hosted on my channel are catalogued on my blog. I'm quite happy to take suggestions regarding what types of content people would like to see (and hear), as this experiment in extremely online philosophy unfolds.

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