Departure Duo

is creating concerts and commissions of soprano/double bass repertoire
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About Departure Duo


Nina Guo, soprano                    Eddie Kass, double bass
We are Departure, a soprano + double bass duo committed to performing and commissioning works written specifically for this unusual duo. In the last 3 years, we have played in and organized over a dozen concerts. At the moment, we are in the process of commissioning over 10 new pieces, with plans to premier 4 works in our 2018/19 season.
Our longterm goal, 30 by '30, is to have 30 hours of repertoire by 2030. 
Our duo needs your help to survive! Although we are proud of our accomplishments, we have paid for most of our endeavors out of pocket, which is not sustainable. Since Nina is moving to Berlin for graduate school, it will become even more financially difficult for us to keep our high/low duo alive.
Your contribution offsets our costs of operation. We are not paying ourselves artist fees; by covering operation costs, we hope to keep our ticket sales as earnings. 


Whether we're driving to New York, flying to Omaha, or taking a taxi to Cambridge, all of our musical ventures require money for travel. It can get pricey for all three of us (Nina, Eddie, and the bass!). 
Here are some average prices for our travel costs:
  • Cab to venue in the Boston area: $30
  • Renting a car for an out-of-town concert: $100 - $200
  • Flights
    • One of us (domestic, roundtrip): $350
    • One of us (international, roundtrip): $500
    • A double bass flight (one-way): $75 - $300

Concert Operations

As professional musicians, we need to make money from our concerts. However, for our self-produced shows, all of our ticket sales inevitably go towards putting on the concert, and we are not compensated for our playing. We want to stop "paying to play." 
Average cost of a concert:
  • Venue rental: $175
  • Printing programs: $30
  • Social media advertising: $20
TOTAL: $225/concert

This doesn't include any extraneous costs. Some of our previous concert production costs have included:
  • Instrument rental
  • Fees for collaborating artists
  • Poster design


Maintaining and updating our self-promotional materials racks up costs as well. 
  • Annual website fee: $150
  • Purchasing musical scores: $40/piece
  • Annual membership fees to chamber music organizations (to access grants): $100
  • Promotional materials
    • Photos: $50/session
    • Professional recordings: $300/session
    • Professional videos: $100/video

Application Fees

Ensembles like ours frequently apply to larger artistic organizations for opportunities like residencies, festivals, and competitions.
Why are we applying?
  • Competitions: good exposure to potential presenters or agents, prizes
  • Residencies: professional/musical development, opportunity to prepare projects without distractions
  • Festivals: opportunity to play for different audiences and connect with other artists in our field
Most organizations charge ensembles an application fee to apply, play, or attend. We apply to about 3 of these per year.  
Average application fee: $75 

Non-Financial Assistance

We are grateful for all the ways people help our duo. Whether it's a homestay in a new city, a recommendation of a great restaurant, a piece we haven't heard of before, or telling a friend about one of our shows, every little bit helps. 

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Once we are supported by 60 patrons, we will invest in a high-quality camera and microphone to record all our concerts.
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