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About Davide Depau

About myself

I'm a student in Milan, Italy. I study Computer Science and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, and work as a system support engineer at EidosMedia.

About EtchDroid

EtchDroid is mostly a personal project that I want to share with other people. It does one thing: write ISO images to USB drives, the same way Etcher or "dd" would do it.

The app is very simple: you just download a GNU/Linux distribution live image to your phone, fire up EtchDroid, connect a USB drive and after a few taps, it's written.

Three goals:
  • Be there to save your ass when your computer is dead
  • Be easier and faster than having to pull out your laptop to perform the same task
  • Be free as in freedom, not as in free beer

A bit of history

Exams are in two weeks, my willingness to study is close to 0 and the willingness to procrastinate is close to ∞. I'm about to take a plane but there's a 2 hours delay, so I'm playing Minetest.
I had this super fancy map, the random map generator pulled out something awesome and I had built a lot of stuff; somehow I deleted it.
The first thing you do when you delete stuff and you want some chance of having it recovered is to turn it off immediately, then you can fire up a live Linux system with some data recovery tools and attempt to do something, but all I had with me was my laptop (which I couldn't start), my phone and a compatible USB drive.
My phone was rooted so I was eventually able to write the latest Ubuntu ISO to the USB drive. At what cost? I had to type the whole "dd" command line in Termux and deal with the bare-bones "dd" implementation that Android ships with.
So I thought I'd fix it ;)

(I could not recover the Minetest map 😭)

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