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As a country and a planet we've got some big challenges. I want to use my 20yrs of experience in the software industry to build software to help address some of those problems.

Climate change and the dominance of the media by a few billionaires are the two challenges I'm trying to address.

Carbon Neutral Map
I've been inspired by the many community initiatives that are popping up to try to tackle climate change. To help connect them with each other and improve discoverability and knowledge sharing I've worked with a talented team to develop the Carbon Neutral Map.

The project is ongoing having passed through an initial pilot phase. We are now refining features before promoting it further initially through Stroud District (Gloucestershire).

Do you want to stop supporting the Main Stream Media, but all the articles on social media keep leading you back there? turns those links into a selection of articles about the same topic but from independent media making the alternative view accessible.

I am really frustrated that the media narrative is controlled by billionaires who have too much power in our country. We all know there are some media outlets that we just shouldn't click on yet we still do and we bring them page views, ad revenue and worse the subtly influence us.

I am building Plurality to help stop that behaviour and turn it into something positive. When you use Plurality and click on one of those links you are given the choice to instead read an article on the same subject written by and independent media outlet. This denies main stream media of page views and ad revenue but also crucially breaks the power of billionares to control the media narrative and empowers independent media with new readers.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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